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Guild Tabard
Sep 4, 09 9:09 PM
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Welcome to All Dirty Little Hordes!

Welcome to All Dirty Little Hordes. Please recruit all the people that you can. We are not making this a requirement for ranks, would just like to have more people to quest and do instance runs with.

We will start doing lotteries to help everyone with earning Gold. Ticket prices will be cheap and you can buy multiple tickets if you wish. Guild makes 25% to buy more tabs for the Guild Bank.

Guild Tabard (Item) are free and in the Guild Bank.

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Guild Tabard

Shifthappëns, Sep 4, 09 9:09 PM.
Guild Tabard (Item) are Free in the Guild Bank. If we happen to run out, please let me know and I will add more. You can send a message in here to me or the In-Game messaging.
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