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Zint (SuperAdmin) 5/16/2010 11:45 AM EST : Important Announcement
GP User: ZintEvers

Posts: 167

After a lot of thought and discussion, I have an important announcement to make. Within the next week or two, the current story arc of the Ithildin Order will be coming to an end, and as a result of that arc, the Ithildin Order will be ending as well.

What to Expect OOCly: No one will be removed from the kin, all are free to stay and hang out and continue to RP with us around Bree and such. But, those that want more RP are encouraged to leave and join other kinships.

What to Expect ICly: There will no longer be any weekly events or plots. The West Bree Trading Co / Ithildin Order will be ICly disbanded.

I want to apologize to everyone, but more importantly, thank each of you for your involvement in all of this. The Ithildin Order wouldn't have been anything without all of you.


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