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Welcome to the home of Murlocs Stole Our Socks

Formed in late August 2009, these victims of thoughtless fish-man theives have been raiding constantly ever since with a view to retrieving their lost goods that were so shamelessly snaffled while they were sleeping.

Murlocs Stole Our Socks (MSOS) are a raid guild who always get the job done no matter what the content may be, but still have a lot of fun doing it. Unlike so called 'pro' guilds on the server who like communication silence at all times during raids with the exception of the raid leader, MSOS employ a more laid back and informal raid atmosphere - Trains, conga lines, joke telling and dancing are common place, not to mention sing-alongs on ventrilo to the infamous 'banana phone' song.

With virtually all 10 man normal mode content cleared within the first week, the future seems very bright indeed for MSOS. If you'd like to be a part of it, please feel free to make an application on our recruitment page, and an officer will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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Trial of the Crusader no match for MSOS

JoneseyUK, Sep 6, 09 9:08 AM.
Saturday September 5th saw our first full 10 man attempt on Trial of the Crusader (TotC) normal mode. We had planned to go to Ulduar but the general consensus was that because we had a raid team online earlier than expected we should go and give TotC a go first, so that's what we did.

We had earlier in the week downed the Beasts of Northrend with a 9 man team, but failed on Jaraxxus with him having just 100k HP left, so we went back with a full strength raid team to show the Demon who was boss.

Jaraxxus fell at our first attempt, with virtually no raid casualties in the process - seemingly this encounter is far easier with 10 men than it is with 9.

The Faction Champions proved to be somewhat harder, and indeed the most difficult encounter in the entire run. Downing both of the healers (a priest and a shaman) proved a nightmare to begin with, but we eventually overcame the issues after 2 or 3 wipes.

The Twin Val'ykr was a one shot kill. We'd reviewed the strategy and excecuted it perfectly, downing the twins quickly and effectively with minor casualties.

Anub'arak was next, and again we'd reviewed the strategy for downing him but weren't in high hopes of doing so if truth be told. However he proved to be an easy encounter, with not a single raid death he fell at the first attempt.

Well done to all involved, a thoroughly impressive first outing as a full 10 man raid - you did me proud.

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