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Officer Contact List
Cyren El'tegh
Archon of Tryilath
Glacier Thornspin "Thorn"
Leader of the Tyrilathian Relic Hunters
Moradins Knight
Commander of the Tyrilathian Garrison
Ambassador of Tyrilath
Wynde Shadowmyst
Head Huntress of the Tyrilathian Silver Striders
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
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In the beginning the Church was nothing more than an old and abandoned Church house that a small group of adventurers took refuge in. When we first entered the gates of Stormreach we found its dirty streets and crowded walkways far more than suiting to us. The Archbishop Garrimont took me in as a young elf and showed me a place of seclusion and beauty. It was a safe haven for any hero looking to serve good. Over time our numbers grew, and our small Church building slowly became a larger building housing many heroes of our time. We turned the library into a large expansive one for the use of all who needed it resources. The sanctuary was turned into small living quarters and the various rooms were made into quaint bedrooms for our members. Eventually, we had to build on and we built other properties for our purposes. In the end, we were no longer just a Church but an entire community.  We were Tyrilath!


It was not until the Archbishop left on a crusade and did not return that we believed we had to carry on his purpose. I was only a child in those days. He and Bendal were like my fathers. They had taken care of me and now it was my turn to take care of the people of Tyrilath. Over the years we flourished, even some of the local farmers and merchants set up in our little commons and we welcomed them.

Alas, as Stormreach grew, our services were not as needed as they once were. So many heroes had found their way to Stormreach and so many had made names for themselves. Slowly, our members went about their own ways, making their name elsewhere. Many went deeper into Xen’drik and some returned to Khorvaire. In time, there were only a few of us to remain.  Just before I felt it was time to go, Tyrilath was attacked and the Church and its surrounding buildings set ablaze. We lost many lives that day, but I knew then, I was a threat to our home and thus I too went out into Xen’drik and Khorvaire.  I felt it was for their safety that leave.

Three years later, a few of us founding members return to Stormreach and our humble beginnings. It just so happened upon fate that we came together and at this very location at the same time. We decided then that the time had come to rebuild the legend of Tyrilath and once again, our community strives. With funds from our many adventures we pooled together and built a more grand safe haven for heroes. In due time, we hope others find their way back to Tyrilath, but for now we open our doors to you.

 Welcome to Tyrilath!

Our ideals are simple. No matter who you were before you came to Tyrilath or what you holds in your past, it is what you make of yourself once here that matters to us. No matter what god you follow, or if you follow one at all, as long as your heart is pure and your intentions true, you are welcome within these great walls. We do not judge here on who you were but instead we thrive on what each of us can become. Our service is to each other, the local community, those that cannot defend themselves and in some cases, Stormreach. It is our watchful eyes that keep close watch over the city. It our steady swords that defend at all cost. It is our heart that stays true to those who need us. We are Tyrilath and within these walls, we are family.

A paladin follows the laws of his god and his order. But much like that, I follow the laws of Tyrilath and with honor I serve you again! Come on in, the road here is long and dusty, and you are in need of rest. Our doors are open, our hearts are true and we welcome you!

Cyren Eltegh
Archon of Tyrilath

The Church of TYrilath is growing

Cyren El'tegh, Oct 13, 09 2:46 PM.
I would personally like to welcome each and every one of our  new members to the guild. We have a lot planned over the next few weeks to hold on!
Congrats to Valeiru for gaining the officer title of Ambassador of Tyrilath.
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