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Earth Walkers... we tried
Feb 3, 10 5:36 PM
Happy New Year!
Jan 2, 10 5:10 AM
Open Invitations.
Dec 16, 09 11:12 AM
Nov 20, 09 6:35 AM
The Grand Earth Walkers Recruitment Drive!
Nov 2, 09 1:53 PM
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Welcome to the Earth Walker's guild site!

The home of EU Darkmoon Faire guild, the Earth Walkers.

Greetings, traveller. Find yourself a rug or chair and take a seat, we have many stories to tell!

If you are interested in becoming a member, then you may begin the process here!

If you are a current member of the tribe, please feel free register and login.

Or if you're just here for a nose around or to chill out, then go right ahead!
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Earth Walkers... we tried

Zuraijin, Feb 3, 10 5:36 PM.
Well... as you may have guessed, there have been some pretty serious changes.

Myself and Xiphol have left WoW altogether and Windmane's status is unknown. We certainly tried to get it up and running, and we had some pretty good times in the process and met some great people.

We forged alliances, battled goblins and had some quality RP, my friends.

At the moment, we are not dead. Grishnaes has command, as far as I know. If not... well, then more has happened since I left than I know about.

So for now I wish the Earth Walkers luck if they continue or commiserations if they're gone.

So for the last time, peace out.


Happy New Year!

Zuraijin, Jan 2, 10 5:10 AM.
Yes I'm a couple of days out, but nevertheless, a Happy New Year to you all! And I hope you all had a stonkingly good Christmas as well.

To ring in the new year in a traditional EW way we're setting up a nice wee event. Please check out this page for details and throw in your own input.

Here's to 2010! /raiseglass

Open Invitations.

Zuraijin, Dec 16, 09 11:12 AM.
Out with the old and in with the new. That's what this is about.

But before you chuck the Elders down the rubbish chute, let me explain! No seriously, put me down...

Thanks. Now then. Tried and tested methods often work, it's true, but sometimes we need to try something a bit different.

So with this in mind, from now on, applications into the Earth Walkers are frozen. This isn't to say they'll never be back, but for now we're trialling Open Invitations. That is to say, if someone wishes to join, they either find, or we point them to an officer, officer and person have a chat and Bob's your uncle! They get an invite if suitable.

Joining Requirements, Ranks and such things are still identical, the only thing that has changed is the application process. For a full list of requirements, please check this page for details.

Current Pending Applications will still be handled in the old way.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to attack the forums or comment on this news item.


Zuraijin, Nov 20, 09 6:35 AM.
Well done, guys. The recruitment drive was fairly successful! Perhaps not quite as massive as we were hoping, but next time round we'll be sure to use more whips.

But let's not just stop, let's keep it going casually now. Know anyone that's after an RP guild? See any requests in chat channels? You know what to do, soldier. /salute

On another note, the bank clear IS TODAY. Last chance to nab things before it gets sold and we steal the money before disbanding the guild and the proceeds go back into the guild.

Grab some freebies today! Please, no hair pulling or biting. You know who you are.

The Grand Earth Walkers Recruitment Drive!

Zuraijin, Nov 2, 09 1:53 PM.
The Earth Walker's recruitment drive has started!

Over the next few days we'll be seen around Azeroth recruiting for our cause. So come and find us and have a good ol' RP session!

If you have any questions go ahead and ask us in game, or on here.

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