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Sep 27, 09 9:37 AM
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Welcome to Archangel

We are an active, growing Legion working towards a focus on PvPvE, group questing, and a strong presence in the Abyss. We welcome players of all levels and are always seeking to expand. We work to mantain a friendly Legion which will continue to gain power over time.

Rules of the Legion


1. Don't stir up drama. You all know what that means.

2. Profanity is a non-issue as long as you stay within NCSoft's rules.

3. Be nice. Even if someone does something stupid, that doesn't mean you have to beat them up. Just correct them politely and move on.

4. Trash talking is unacceptable and will get you booted very quickly. 

5. Vent is not manditory but very much desired. Our vent serve is (3784), room 44


1. Senior member have access to the Legion warehouse. When a player can be trusted with warehouse access is purely at the discression of Michael and Iofiel.

2. The Legion warehouse stores greens that members do not need. Greens placed there can be picked up by others who can use the item. See the Bank page of this site for a list of items in the warehouse.

3. Placing a green in the warehouse will result in a raid point, which can be redeemed for blues and better later. If you add an item, please tell Michael.

4. Anyone found removing items to sell instead of to use will instantly be booted.


1. Very few raids will be mandetory.

2. For now, there is no required precentage of participation. However, as we grow, this will likely change.

3. The number of raid points an activity will be worth will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, if you have suggestions, please post them in the forums! 

~ Brigadier Michael.



Michael(Aion), Sep 27, 09 9:37 AM.

Vent should not be this hard to get going! We've had some success, but Michael and Iofiel are both having problems being heard. Hopefully we'll be done with this maddness today. 

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