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Welcome to the home of the Black Watch Aion guild!

The Black Watch is an Asmodian guild on the Zikel server.

The Legion is live: see Loden in game for more informaiton or apply through this page at the top.


Black Claw Run

LodenDSG, Oct 4, 09 2:17 AM.
The black claw run ran, I do plan on trying to run it again tomarow (Sunday 10-4-2009) at 6pm EST as indicated on the events list.

If there is a particular event you would like run just let an officer know and we can make it happen.

Black Claw Run

LodenDSG, Oct 1, 09 11:06 PM.
The Black Watch will be running the Black Claw line of quests on Sat at 8pm EST and again if needed on Sun at 6pm EST.

The event will be open to non legion members assuming the party has room to accomadate outsiders.

If you have any questions please contact your legion officers or the legion commander (Loden)


LodenDSG, Sep 30, 09 10:56 AM.
The legion is growing at a stedy rate and we are approching the requierments for Legion level 3. This level up will let us set our final crest (the darkstar on the page header) and will incress the size of the legion warehouse which is always over full atm.

The outstanding requierment for this rank up money, NCSoft has blessed us with more than a few moeny sinks and ranking up the legion is no exception @ 1.21 mill for rank 2 -> 3.

In other news Loden and Demo have roled a few alts these alts will hold officer ranks to insure covrage even when we are muling or leveling off main. This applies to all officer and is a measure to insure the best possible officer covrage for the legion.

As is always the case i fyou have any questions ask an officer or the legion commander (Guild Master) in game or on this site.

The vent server is up

LodenDSG, Sep 25, 09 3:12 PM.
The vent server is up and running and if your a member you can head over to the forums and look in the members only forum for the connection info otherwise you can ask in game.

Legion rank and titles

LodenDSG, Sep 23, 09 12:11 AM.


In legion news we are approaching rank 2, as you may or may not know Aion legions have a rank applied to them this is simply a level if you will. As we rank up new features and rewards open up such as access to special NPCs at higher ranks. For rank 2 we will gain access to a legion icon and increased max population. At the time of writing we need 1 more member and around 100k, which shouldn't take much.

In other news we have restructured the titles or member ranks, Aion at current only allows for 2 ranks and the lowest rank permissions can not be edited. At current there are 2 officers being my self and Demontion, officers or Centurions by the legion rank name can invite, kick and can access the legion bank. The total number of officers in the guild will be keep small your rank in the legion does not reflect your skill as a player or your value as a legion member but simply the permission set applied to you. We do plan on adding a few more officers as needed to insure coverage i.e. we want you to have access to invites and the legion bank as needed through our officer system.

You can find more on this and other useful bits of information in the forums.

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