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The Knights of Ni were formed in 1337. They are on a quest to find "The Great and Almighty Shrubbery, and consider this journey the meaning of their lives. Currently, the group is on the verge of having a schism because some of the members believe the meaning of life is in fact 42. The Knights who say Ni have made many advancements to agriculture such as the method of chopping down trees with herrings. They have also found success in other areas, and it was they who created the first ever Internet Banking system. They are often confused with the Knights of Negro, but in fact they are bitter enemies, as, of course, all English people don't really care. Both groups, however, share the same weakness in the form of a word that they must never hear, though what this word may be remains undiscovered.

After discovering the powerful uses of the word "Ni," the Knights who say Ni have used the sacred word to make people bring them shrubberies, in hopes that someone will happen to purchase the Great and Almighty Shrubbery for them without realizing the true worth of the shrubberies. The word "Ni," when repeated ten times in a row, makes the listener a splode, and therefore people are very quick to bring the Knights who say Ni their shrubberies.

Shrubberies are of great importance to the Knights who say Ni and they constantly seek the perfect bush to gaze at. They have not yet found this holy relic, but they have come close.

In order to better our search for "The Great and Almighty Shrubbers" we have left our topiary home of "The Great Shrubbery", now known as Kelethin after the Wood Elves took over, to venture forth into the world in hopes of completing our quest.

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