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Welcome the official Skies of Ruin website!

Hi there and welcome to our site. We're Skies of Ruin, an Elyos Legion on the Castor server. If you've just come for a nosy around we hope you enjoy what we have here, if you've come to apply go ahead! Try to give us as much information as possible and an ingame meeting would also help. For the Light!

Preselect Day, Launch Updates!

SLSChris, Sep 18, 09 9:04 AM.
Hey guys, it's preselect day! Starting at 8 PM tonight (hopefully) we'll all be able to log in and create 2 characters ready for the headstart on sunday.

Also, we got quite a few updates for the launch version! Most shocking of all is the gameguard removal - albeit sort of temporary which will dramatically improve everyones experience on launchday and wont disconnect people for suspected hacks that aren't there! It does beg the question wether Aion will be hack free on the day though but atleast us innocent people won't be getting kicked off mid grind, here's the official news post;


As we draw closer to tomorrow I wanted to give everyone a brief update on the progress of our live version. We are excited to announce that we will be serving out the final update for you to patch within the next few hours. You will be able to use this version for both our Preselection and our Head Start. We are very excited with our final product and think that you will be as well! Below are the release notes for the patch you will see later today:

- Aion now features all three languages French, German and English. To select your language simply right click on Aion within your launcher and go to Properties->Language Options. Please select which languages you wish to download and which you wish Aion to display.

- After analyzing our open beta test results Aion will not feature GameGuard at launch. We will however continue to pursue ways to effectively utilize GameGuard within Aion in the future. Right now we're focused on providing players with the best possible Aion experience.

- The level cap is now level 50 (previously 45).

- Players will be able to reserve 2 character names during Preselection and create 8 characters in total once Head Start begins and beyond.

- Channels will be set to 10 instances for the beginning 2 zones of each faction. Please note that these will be lowered as characters progress and spread throughout Atreia.

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