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Sep 19, 09 12:47 PM

Welcome to Apocalypse!  First and foremost we want everyone to have fun.  We are an adult guild 18+ only guild.  We don't hold our tongues here and don't want anyone else to either.  Our goal is to build a strong guild that will ultimately lead to raiding on and EST schedule.  We enjoy HQ's, questing, and just plain having fun.  We want to welcome you and hope that you feel free to bring any suggestions, comments or questions to our attention.


Code of Conduct and Policies

Apocalypse is a group of adults with different backgrounds and personalities.  We ask that everyone treat each other respectfully at ALL times.  We are adults and we all pay our hard earned money to play this game.  It is a game.  Let's keep that in mind.  Remember all of us have been new at some point in this game or another.  So let's help each other out and leave the BS at the door.


All members of Apocalypse are representing our guild. We expect that all members refrain from bashing any other players on this server or other servers through public chat channels.  Again, respect others.  Be helpful when you can, and let others enjoy their time in game as we would want the to allow us to do the same.

Remember, this is a game.  This is our time to relax and kick back. 

Again, we are an adult guild.  Therefore expect some adult humor and language.  At the same time, be mindful that joking and insulting someone are two different things.  We are here to enjoy and have fun.  But when someone is harassing you or insulting you it is not enjoyable.  We spend our money to play this game... not to be harassed or insulted.

One last thing for this section.  Keep an eye on the chat channel you are using.  Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to say something in private to someone else and BOOM!!  it's out there for all the world to see.  Plus, what might be ok here in our guild might not be ok in SOE's eyes.  So especially watch public chat versus guild chat.


On cheating...this is our take.  Don't freaking do it.  There is no reason to cheat in this game.  Bots ect. are not condoned by this guild or SOE for that matter.  Cheating will definitely get you terminated from our guild.

Abuse and/or hacking of the Apocalypse web site, email, forums, and other community features are grounds for immediate termination.

Member Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to check the Apocalypse web site, Message of the Day (MOTD), in game mail ect... for any events or information that may pertain to you and/or the guild.  Please make sure you check regularly, especially as we grow, we will add events to the calendar.  If you have suggestions for getting people together to do anything in game whether it is HQ's ect..  let a leader or an officer know what you have in mind and we will do our best to try to coordinate what we can in the schedule.

We are all adults here, we know how to be responsible.  We know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to trades, conduct, ect...  So , we feel that in knowing that, you don't need your leaders to hold your hand and tell you "now don't do this and please do that".  And so we won't.  But, we as leaders and officers do reserve the right to evaluate any situation that may arise and take action if necessary.  Whether that action is speaking to a person about their conduct or terminating the member completely from the guild. Be respectful and fair and there won't be a situation to evaluate.

Groups, Raids, Etc

When in groups, please keep in mind that there may be people in your group that are working on quests as well and need updates too.  Please try to keep a pace that each member can keep up with.  Not everyone goes at the same pace as others may within the group. 

Everyone understands that AFK's are inevitable.  But please, try to let people know that you need to go AFK and use auto follow if you can. 


We do not require you to donate masters or coin to the bank, but it would be very much appreciated if you did.

Plat donations are non-refundable. Everything you donate will be put to good use and only in special cases will we reimburse you (i.e. accidentally putting in too much plat).



If you need coin to make potions for a guild group or raid, by all means, let an officer know and the coin coin will be pulled out for your fuel expenses.

The leaders of Apocalypse reserve the right to change or update this policy, or any other conduct or practice at any time.



Katiexx69, Sep 19, 09 12:47 PM.
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