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Recruitment Continues
Oct 2, 09 11:29 PM
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Welcome to the home of Pandemic Legion!

 Pandemic Legion is a guild of gamers. We believe in teamwork, and selflessness. We plan to clear all raid bosses, including hard modes, starting in Ulduar and ToC and continuing through Icecrown and on into Cataclysm. We believe in a laid back raiding environment. Our raiders are driven by the desire to succeed, not a maniacal raid leader. Our members have a wide range of interests outside of raiding, from PvP to leveling alts, which we encourage because it increases overall game knowledge. We expect performance levels to be on par with the content we are currently progressing through; members are expected to do the things necessary outside of raiding to perform at that level. This could be farming badges, grinding rep, etc. So long as the performance is there, we don't care what happens outside of raids.

We place emphasis on efficiency and aptitude. In order to clear as much content each weak in the time available we expect all members to come prepared and to stay focussed. We do not expect members to be perfect 100% of the time, but we do expect they learn from their mistakes, and not repeat them. Part of being a quality player is the ability to learn. Attitude is also of prime importance. People who wine and complain about wipes during progression content, loot issues, and drama queens in general need not apply.

Many of our members are working professionals, or college students, and do not have hours and hours to play each week. Because of this, we do not place participation requirements on our members. Also, in an effort to maintain a casual adult atmosphere we do not accept minors or morons. Having said that, if you are easily offended by offensive language this may not be the place for you.

We do accept non-raider applications for friends and family of our raiding members. 

Members are encouraged to take an active role in guild events. Examples of this include organizing a pre-made group for BG's, leading a raid, or chain heroics run, or some other spontaneous group event.

If you are interested in joining, or have any questions at all please feel free to PST Tialis, Volgorath, Narai, Kronixblade, or Doomed (spelled with two stupid "oo"'s which for the life of me I can't recreate) in game.

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Recruitment Continues

PLTialis, Oct 2, 09 11:29 PM.
Pandemic Legion is recruiting. Our current roster consists of members who's gear ranges from 200-245. Because of this, our members are running all kinds of content. On any given day our members can found everyplace from Naxx and Heroics to running ToTGC, which we are currently 4/5 in 10's (Anub is going down!). We are looking for quality players who know their classes well, and can learn new encounters quickly. These two aspects are far more important to us than your gear. Gear be farmed, skill is either there or its not. If you are new to the game, and show potential as a fast learner and quality player we will gladly work with you. Our emphasis is on results.

Class - Spec - need:
DK - Tank - High
Druid - all specs  - High
Hunter - Medium
Mage - Medium
Paladin - Holy - Medium
Paladin - Prot - Low
Paladin - Ret - Medium
Priest - Holy/Disc - Medium
Priest - Shadow - High
Rouge - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Warrior - DPS - Medium
Warrior - Tank - Medium
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