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Bene Elohim    |    Legion Information

Bene Elohim is currently recruiting all classes in Elysea, for the NA release of Aion.

Race: Elyos
Server: Kaisinel (NA)
Website: (In the Works)
Forums: (In the Works)
Recruiting Status: Currently Open

“I shall always strive to give more than I take.”


• Maturity, this does not mean stuffy. It means you do not need to be babysat or smacked on the wrist for arsehattery either in public, or in private.
• Quality, people who want to succeeded within the limits of Aion and are looking for a group of equals of Quality.
• Age 18+
• Skilled in MMOs or strong eagerness to learn and participate
• Ventrilo, is a MUST for PvE/PvP raids… but is not required for membership.
• Honesty, Loyalty, People who strive to give more than they take.

Goal & Mission:
The overall mission of Bene Elohim is to provide a safe haven for adults who strive for a fair, honest, and open community with which to enjoy themselves in Aion. We are not a raiding legion, but we do raid, we are not a PvP legion, but we do PvP, we are not a Social legion, but we are social. This goal of being all things to all people is to allow a certain freedom in method of play and allow for interaction beyond scheduled raids… far too often the only interaction in dedicated purpose guilds is during those scheduled times where that purpose is being fulfilled. This leads to a lack of connection to follow players and your group.

Basic Rules:

• Give more than you take, this means contribute to the wellbeing of the Legion in a way that offsets what you get out of it, whatever that may be.
• Bene Elohim do not trash talk other players, nor do we disrespect other players. Smack talk and friendly banter is acceptable, but we do not seek to offend or go out of our way to hurt the players on the other side of the screen.
• Aion has a very limited legion size, but I would rather play with 10 players that I enjoy playing with than 60 people I hate but help me to get the best gear, I did that for 3 years in WoW and will not do it again.
• Members will be required to regularly visit and contribute to the legion website.
• Any form of Racism, Hate Speech, Dishonesty, or Disloyalty to the Legion as a whole is grounds for immediate dismissal.
• Any harassment or inappropriateness directed at the female members is not acceptable.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

BeneElohim, Sep 19, 09 6:59 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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