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Welcome to all!

Azundir, Jul 29, 11 12:43 PM.
Letum is back and we are recruiting new Asmodians on Israphel!  All new players are welcome!
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Elyos 8, Balaur 0, Asmodians 5
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Elyos 5, Balaur 27, Asmodians 8
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Letum is currently recruiting the following:
Welcome To Letum!

Thank you for visiting our website, we are an Asmodian legion on the eastern Israphel server. We are looking for mature players, and those who wish to be part of a casual yet competitive legion for pve and pvp.  If you are interested in having fun and making friends than please apply to join us right away, or message one of the leaders in game. You can either message Arakar or Vandir.
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