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Honor United Welcomes You

We are Never Divided  We are a Guild United
Guild Honor welcomes you to our online home.  We are a casual, consistent guild on the Runes of Magic server Osha that is family friendly, mature, and focused on having fun with our guildmates.

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Honor United News


Punkingurrl, Apr 20, 10 12:59 PM.
From United the guild Honor is born.  In order to progress as a guild we had to create a new one. We are still the same people with the same goals, just a new name.

Starting to get interesting

OshaIndomitable, Mar 2, 10 6:21 PM.
As everyone should know, United was not formed as a "hardcore" raiding guild demanding time from you.  Instead, we like to have fun playing a great game with our fellow guildmates.  With that said, United is beginning to be able to storm some instances.  All instances up to and including Mystic Altar can be solo'd by a couple members.  We just found out we can take care of Pasper's Shrine, which has some fine yellow v drops in it, and a couple of us have been part of pick up groups and have taken care of Kalin Shrine, the Cyclops Stronghold, and most of Heart of the Ocean (HOTO).  We are starting to get into some fun stuff, and look forward to chronicling some adventures here when we take them down.

Castle Upgrades

OshaIndomitable, Dec 14, 09 7:59 AM.
Everyone's gathering and contributing of resources has really been paying off.  We now have a level II Academy, which will ensure our ability to build other items for quite some time.  In addition, a small amount of resources were used to upgrade the field to level II.  As always, it seems the only item holding us back at any given time are guild runes, so if you happen across those as a drop, get them contributed and we'll continue expanding the usefulness of the guild castle.

RoM Wins Award - We Get Presents!

OshaIndomitable, Dec 10, 09 3:27 PM.
Runes of Magic was named the best International Game of 2009 in a German players poll, it was recently announced.  As part of the celebration, Frogster announced that all players level 11 or higher will receive 100 rubies!  The rubies have to be used within 30 days, as announced by Eres via twitter, but I for one think it's pretty darn cool of Frogster to give us presents when they win an award.

Details on the announcement can be found here:

Grats Runes of Magic!

Guild Bank

OshaIndomitable, Dec 2, 09 12:02 AM.
Just some information regarding the workings of the guild bank.  Right now, only members of rank knight and above can withdraw items from the bank.  If you see something that would help you or you'd like to use, please let a member ranked knight or higher know.  When the bank becomes full, Arki will be tasked with clearing it out of those items that can either be sold towards a gold contribution for the guild or refining materials for contribution.  So even if you can't refine a material you get from the field, forge, or lumber yard you can place it in the guild bank and it will ultimately get refined and contributed.  Please feel free to ask any of the founders any questions you may have.

Important Information

OshaIndomitable, Dec 1, 09 1:30 PM.
Yield found the following information on the RoM forums and I thought it would be a good idea to get the link front and center for everyone to see.  Very important post about what is and isn't allowed when playing multiple characters at once in RoM.

Lumber Yard newest addition!

OshaIndomitable, Nov 28, 09 11:45 PM.
Another couple of days, another castle addition!  The lumber yard took it's place next to the field and forge and completes our low level building additions.  Soon to come will be a stable and library!
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