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Welcome to the HousesoftheHolyIII LS site!

Within, you will find the collected wisdom of the ages and pictures of Galkas in subligars ^^

This site is what you make of it and every contribution counts. Obviously it's no substitute for Vana'diel, but some of us can't be logged in *all* the time.

Make use of the features to plan events, communicate with LS members, and share information on our mutual obsession.

Be sure to register your characters and sign up for upcoming LS events.

See you in Vana'diel!



GuildPortal subscription cancelled

537244273_Inactive, Apr 5, 06 8:42 AM.
I cancelled HotH's GuildPortal subscription the other day. Since it was just renewed last month, I expect it to revert to the free ad-supported version about 5 months from now. I'm not sure what's going to happen to the forums with more than 10 posts, but 5 months from now I doubt anybody is going to care.


Linkshell broken

537244273_Inactive, Apr 3, 06 10:03 AM.
Darkthrasher has broken the linkshell. HousesoftheHoly is officially dead; its members scattered to the four winds (actually, most of us are back together in Loyalists LS co-founded by Fistandifilis).

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this site. It doesn't make sense to maintain a subscription for the few people who still post here, but I might see if I can just revert to the free version so it doesn't go away completely.

In other sad news, March 31st was Kaeyana's last day. Looks like her mom finally pulled the plug. Hopefully she will be back once school lets out, but we'll all miss her until then.


Eco-Warrior Bastok Follow-Up

537244273_Inactive, Feb 17, 06 5:53 PM.
Congratulations on a successful Eco-Warrior Bastok. Congrats to Kaeyana and Zephilos for getting it done. Thanks to Archangelgab, Ayca, and Apostle for helping out. Much thanks to our ever-reliable escort Elliedra.


Eco-Warrior San d'Oria Follow-Up

537244273_Inactive, Feb 12, 06 3:55 PM.
Congratulations to Darkthrasher, Kroennen, Zephilos, and Kaeyana on successfully completing Eco-Warrior San d'Oria! Thanks to Elliedra and Crouchingllama for superb crowd-control.

See you all next week for Eco-Warrior Bastok!


Eco-Warrior San d'Oria

537244273_Inactive, Feb 9, 06 7:02 AM.
We're going to be doing the San d'Oria Eco-Warrior quest this Friday night. All are welcome to participate.

Please sign up if interested and take a look at the forum.

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