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Things to Come
Dec 13, 09 3:35 PM
Random Info!
Dec 13, 09 12:40 PM
A Bit of the Update
Dec 1, 09 7:56 AM
Aion Vision Trailer..HOLY F'N SHIZ!
Nov 24, 09 6:31 AM
Div's Weaponsmithing
Nov 23, 09 11:48 PM
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Welcome to R!OT    
Welcome and Burrhhh!

Riot is a mature *snicker* Level 3 Asmodian Legion built on the foundation of making a concentrated effort to take a leadership and active role in the war against the Elyos.  Stemming from humble beginnings,  Riot was developed by a group of friends from a myriad of gaming and MMO backgrounds (both extensive and non-existent).  It has been both curious and amazing viewing the evolution of the Legion from a group of seven turn into the force it is today.  

We continually look to strengthen our bonds both internally (Legion-wise) and with our peers.  Though we are Riot by name,  we are all Asmodians together. 

To those outside watching in, look forward to good things ahead..Riot will surely be close by.

Things to Come

Divdeamor, Dec 13, 09 3:35 PM.
As you all may have noticed. I have assumed the GM position in Riot. It is just Temporary until Proxy (original GM) can return. I would like everyone to post when you are available so that i can get some things organized. I would like to start a date when we can all take down some world bosses. I also want to start taking artifacts again on a consistent basis. I know that the old schedule was too vigorous and we have new people. So please post the times in PST format in the availability forum.

Random Info!

LinziChristine, Dec 13, 09 12:40 PM.
Hello riot! Continued grats on our ascending rank and hard work in the abyss! You guys rock!
Also, I have added a "Sabbaticals" forum for people to post on when they are going to be gone for an extended period of time.
And as of yet, Proxy and Fortex are still working hard IRL. But don't lose hope! They will return! And with brownies! YES! Brownies!
So sit tight, and sooner or later we will pick up world boss raids and stuff. :)
And always, if you need to talk to someone about something, just hit up one of the centurions. It's their job.

xo Diz

A Bit of the Update

emptyPROXY, Dec 1, 09 7:56 AM.

Finally, Riot has broken through the top 10 on the rankings list and even k-drama star Kim Bum is down with Riot!  Never thought it would have happened this quick but, the Legion continues to pull through and achieve great results. 

A bit of an update..Proxy must apologize to all members as his absence must be a bit discomforting especially during this time of great change.  As Brigade General, Proxy has always felt a great leader should be out leading by example.. fighting with you all through it all.  Thick and thin.  Unfortunately, real life obligations has given him a few consecutive kicks in the balls on some very pressing matters. 

No, this is not a statement of my retirement from Aion if that is what some of you are wondering, but a genuine apology.  Even though Proxy has not been out there with you all, he is glad to know that the Legion has continued to thrive and hopes it will well into the future.  Once things begin to settle down on his front, a return is soon to follow. 

= Proxy

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