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We have a new guild! Aftermath!
Mar 11, 10 6:16 AM
MnM is in transition!
Feb 22, 10 4:55 PM
New Elders
Jan 17, 10 4:12 PM
New Elder
Jan 7, 10 4:56 PM
Guild Castle
Jan 6, 10 7:52 AM
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Might & Magic

I think the name says it all. Thats what we stand for the Might and Magic to bring down the foes we shall face will gaming in RoM.

We are a small guild just started out at ground zero, rebuilding from ashes and rising up to meet our challenges that we must face. Currently all we can offer is ventrilo, website, and a fun active guild.  We are working on becoming lvl 7 so we may offer the benefits of having a castle.

We are looking for fun active friendly folks who enjoy gaming, having fun, and helping others. We look forward to seeing you join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

We stand for honor, dignity, class and respect. That is what we hope to bring forth during our tenure here on the Osha server.

We have a new guild! Aftermath!

NickyG, Mar 11, 10 6:16 AM.
Hello all members of Might n Magic.  The guild is officially shutdown now.  You are strongly encouraged to transition over to Aftermath!  We have grown to level 7 in one week and are about to have a castle.  From there we will continue expanding beyond what Might n Magic had.  Please message Mistresscara, Sryope, Avicen or Wyynx for an invitation, or join our channel by contacting one of us via mail or whisper!  We look forward to seeing you in our new guild backed fully by Aftershock, a fantastic guild running everything from KS to IDK50 to HoS. 



MnM is in transition!

NickyG, Feb 22, 10 4:55 PM.
Hello All.  As you know, I was voted in as leader, but I do not have the lead position in guild yet, so I can't level it, weed it, etc.  Stay tuned as I figure out how best to deal with this.  And Lia, if you read this, please check your mail on this site.  :)



New Elders

LadyLiandrah, Jan 17, 10 4:12 PM.
Please welcome and congratulate Abraham and Wyynx for the latest Elders to our clan!

New Elder

LadyLiandrah, Jan 7, 10 4:56 PM.
We would like to welcome our newest Officer Avicen/Kytten to the Round Table at M&M. I do look forward to working with you Avi. I wish you lots of fun and happiness in your new post!

Guild Castle

LadyLiandrah, Jan 6, 10 7:52 AM.
Guild Castle is Lvl 7 with academy, forge, lumber yard, and garden. Tennant has graciously added two statues as well.

I would like to thank all who have made this possible!
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