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The Defender Family
Defenders of Mulgore, Defenders of Silvermoon and the Fallen Defenders.
"A home for all the Horde."

The Defenders started out as a single roleplaying guild, a guild dedicated to the defense of Mulgore against Alliance incursions. The guild was based on the ideas of nature as a precious thing that must be protected and nurtured, and as such it did not accept undead or warlocks, as both was seen as a breech against the natural order of things.

The Defenders of Mulgore, still stand strong today, their constant vigil has paid off, many a time Mulgore and indeed Thunder Bluff have been saved from damage by these brave Defenders.

The Defenders of Silvermoon, started off much diffrent from their allies in Mulgore, However their common goal saw a beneficial union blossom over the months since the Blood Elves inclusion into the Horde, Silvermoon welcomes the aid of the Forsaken.

The Fallen Defenders, are those who through some way or other has found him/herself in a dark place most common among their number are the Death Knights, however Rogues and Warlocks are welcome.

Today the Defender Family remains one of the oldest gatherings of roleplayers on Earthen Ring (DoM was formed just after the server went live) and forms a family of friendly people that enjoy every aspect of the game, pve, pvp, solo and of course, Roleplaying!

Wanting to Join? -Send an IC application to Anqii, Yirrah(DoM),Kyari, Calen(DoS), Kadil or Aeileen (FD)!


Have a look about, check the forums and see what we're debating or check the stories of the Defenders! or check the Calendar and see what events we have planned, check the Roster and see if any of your friends are among us? in either case we hope you enjoy your time with us and will be inclinded to contact us about joining.

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