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Plane of Time Raid
Oct 28, 09 11:09 AM
Raid Saturday
Oct 8, 09 4:39 AM
Oct 7, 09 7:28 PM
Service Updates
Welcome Draconis Equisitis Reborn
   We will be raiding with blades of fury on sunday at 8pm est lvl 65+ meet in time 

   Please be patient while I build the site. Feel free to send me input on our site at If you would like real life pics or screen shots added send to the guild email. Im looking forward to all your imput and suggestions this is a site for us all and i would like everyones imput.


*** Zones ***
- The following zones are now Hot Zones providing new challenges and increased experience. Speak to Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge to see what new tasks he has in store for you.

   - Level 20 – South Karana
   - Level 25 – Lake of Ill Omen
   - Level 30 – The Twilight Sea
   - Level 35 – Kedge Keep
   - Level 40 – City of Mist
   - Level 45 – Howling Stones
   - Level 50 – Veksar
   - Level 55 – Grieg’s End
   - Level 60 – Plane of Nightmares
   - Level 65 – Kod’Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
   - Level 70 – The Buried Sea
   - Level 75 – Thalassius, the Coral Keep
   - Level 75 – Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale



Plane of Time Raid

Gattling_DE, Oct 28, 09 11:09 AM.
Plane of Time raid Nov 1st at 8 pm est.  Min level requirement is 65.

Raid Saturday

Gattling_DE, Oct 8, 09 4:39 AM.
I plan to do a raid a or two Saturday night starting at 8:00pm est.  Depending on the turn out we will select our targets.  First thing we will hit is the dragon in PoI to get people flagged for the factory access and give the lower levels a chance to attend a raid.


dragonis equisitis reborn, Oct 7, 09 7:28 PM.
Raid info will be posted asap.
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