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PWNSTARZ New Aion Legion
Oct 10, 09 2:45 AM
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                 <<Welcome everyone to PwnStarz Legion>>

First off just want to say welcome and very glad to have everyone.

We have made great progress in the past few days alot of new members to welcome in. Also want to recognize our Legion Leaders  Focused , Stunna , Lykos. Any questions you may have any of these three will be more then glad to help. Remember that these guys have earned there right in this legion, with that being said you should never disrespect them in anyway for any reason.

We are a Legion looking to do great things and have alot of fun doing it. We are very active and we require our members to be aswell.  We are new to Aion but not to MMOS all of our Legion leaders are very experienced in leading a Guild to great lengths.

Our Legion is Hardcore PVP Legion our goal is to obtain and keep as much in the abyss as we can. We also will be running Raids and instances aswell.

If you are looking for a Legion that knows there members insted of having 50 people that you dont even know fighting by your side and that will  keep there promises then this is the legion for you.

Any new members wishing to join theres two options put your application in , located in the forums or PM one of the leaders in-game. Good luck to you all and we will see you in-game!! 



PWNSTARZ New Aion Legion

StunnaZy, Oct 10, 09 2:45 AM.
Welcome all new PwnStarz!! Legion is growing we are all glad you could be a part in us becoming the ultimate most valued want to be in LEGION! 
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