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Summer Raid Schedule
Aug 11, 10 11:54 AM
Guild Hall Decorating
Oct 7, 09 11:57 AM
Casting Rez on Equinox
Oct 7, 09 11:51 AM
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Equinox is a family oriented guild. We support unique playing styles and real life commitments. We have a solid core of players that generally play between 8:00PM EST and 12:00AM EST.
 We are all about having fun and progressing with the game.

Once again....... Welcome to Equinox!!

General Ceree

Summer Raid Schedule

PratFall, Aug 11, 10 11:54 AM.
8:15EST - 11:30 EST Mondays and Thursdays.   In the fall we will re-address the schedule.

Guild Hall Decorating

Ceree, Oct 7, 09 11:57 AM.
AWESOME!! Thank You Akalia for the great trade skill area and the continued decorating of the new Guild Hall.

Casting Rez on Equinox

Ceree, Oct 7, 09 11:51 AM.
Ceree and Prat have just lit the guild tag back up, and are rebuilding the Guild to its former glory. Our goal is to create a fun environment that doesn't require much maintenance or headaches. We focus on players that are working or have families in real life, yet are able to play from 8:00EST till 12:00EST. We are capable of many T8 Raid targets. Our play style is unique, and gameplay is fun. Drop a tell to Ceree or Prat to inquire about membership and alliance information.
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