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Merry Early Christmas!  I am out of town for two weeks.  Raids are gonna be lead by your epgp leads in guild.  They have access to the calendar and can create events.  Whether you guys do stuff is up to you as a whole.

This is a family oriented holiday and while I do consider us as a guild to be a family, I stand by one of my oldest wow sayings: irl>wow.  If we can't get enough people to form guild raids, I'm sorry, but I promise it will pick back up fast after the holidays.  Feel free to get stuff done on your own in either semi or full pugs.  Otherwise, I'll be back with a vengeance at the end of the month ready to knock some bosses out.

Again, Merry Christmas or for you non Christians, Happy Holidays :P

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We are only recruiting on a basis of skill and gear now. We have all classes and specializations covered. Find Lightlorne or Beezzy in game for further information. ( /who apathy )
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