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Welcome to Grace.

We are a guild based on the foundation that excellence can be achieved on Gaheris with few people and little effort. Through securing this balance, we have become quite successful, and hope to aid others in their success.

That said, we despise beggars.


Saxona, Apr 8, 10 1:12 PM.
Sup dewdz,

Everyone remind me in game, if a bunch of us are on and we're not doing anything, we should try out ML10.

We will need:

-Heat debuffer
-2 to 4 heretics
-4 rez/rebuffers
-3 AoE DoTers
-2 Tanks

Making a minimum of 12 characters, 4 of which will be run by me. As we farm him, like Zhulrathuul, we will find ways to do Draco with less and less characters (hopefully) so that we can do ML10 runs with 3-4 live, which is what we usually see.

I'll make a post on the member forums to discuss this. If I recall correctly, Draco drops 75 dragon drop items (25 more than Zhulrathuul) plus scales and about 8-10 ML10 drops.



Guild Site Groundbreaking

Saxona, Oct 8, 09 11:39 PM.
Hello everyone,

I've decided to create this site so we can communicate while offline and have a spot to post raids and events. Another thought is template discussion, and what we need for which characters if we're trying to get a certain class started. This will all be on the forums that I have set up. To get to them, click on that handy little link you see below the banner.

It is likely this site will be a flop, and this is the only message you will see. Hopefully this is not the case!

Feel free to throw any suggestions at me.


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