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Welcome Traveller !

About our Clan

the Bloodstone Brethren

The Bloodstone Brethren is a Dwarf clan with the primary objective to provide the members with a solid community of like-minded friends aimed at becoming a great Dwarf Clan for all types of players. Brethren's founded on role playing but needless to say, it offers something for everyone - equal emphasis on both roleplaying and the PvP aspects. As a clan, it is about its kinsmen, given our previous experiences of community games, a Clan where the members are altruistic and thinks not what others can do for them but what they can do for others benefits everyone in the long-run. We will therefore expect all players to undertake their responsibilities towards each other and to the clan. Our main ambition is that the Bloodstone Clan will be a rewarding clan with a large number of friendly and active players who have a great time together. Our secondary ambition is that we the Bloodstone Clan will be a great Dwarf force, respected and known throughout Yliakum.

You clan is your Life, your Honor, your Brethren

The Bloodstone Brethren are always looking for friendly dwarfs to share the fun ! We look forward to meet you in-game. Of course you can also contact us here if you like to meet our clan.

Those who are willing to put the effort into becoming a member of The Brethren,  your future with us will be fraught with danger, excitement, large kegs of beer, and more tefu-smashin' and clacker-crushin' fun than ought to be legal!  

Bloodstone's In Game.
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