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A legion shunned...
Legions are the way of life for all Daeva, no matter which side of the conflict we stand.  The Fallen Grace legion was only recently born.  All of its members have only just taken the steps to Ascension through the assistance of an exile that has been cast out by the rulers of Asmodae's elite.  Ex-raiders and former humans with little in the way of heritage, the legion has become organized with this background in common.

We still remember the tests and life our former peers suffer simply to eek out a living in the ravaged lands we come home.  We have not lived long enough to forget what it feels like to watch the Elyos raid our settlements and villages as helpless mortals.

Now, with the blessing of Aion, our legion seeks to take what we learned in our past life into an immortal future.

Fallen Grace is Active!

SharlisAO, Oct 16, 09 9:42 PM.
Fallen Grace, or the Legion of Grace, has been registered and is now live on the server.  We are currently Rank 2 and working our way to Rank 3 in the future.

Rules, Introduction, and other material has been added for all members to review.
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