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Welcome to Knights of Anarchy!

We are a moderatly new guild, and we are growing quickly.  We are currently working on recruiting and building up our members to 80 so we can begin to grind out raiding, get mythics and get gear and have fun killing Qs!! 

The website is new, and will change frequently throughout the comming days/weeks/however long.  If you have any questions about membership message Beating, Shorade, Incantation or Fromadistance.  They are the guild leaders and can answer any questions you may have!

Hope you all enjoy the new site and hope to see it being USED!!!  Or I might have to spam the guild chat.. again.. mwahahha


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Mistikal1der, Oct 13, 09 12:13 AM.
Website is up and running!!!  Well, that's the obvious! ;)

Anyhoos, to you member people... USE IT!! It's a GREAT way to connect to other members and help each other and to just have fun and chat, or whatever.  Please please please use it as much as possible!  i am going to be adding much more and changing things around.

Any suggestions are welcome, feel free to message me on here or in game!!


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