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Souther Cross Knights
Raid Page

If you are looking for our hompage its
Southern Cross Knights

We raid every Sat. at 7pm CST!!

Last Updated 02/19/10

Next raid: TBA


To Bid on loot you must read the raid rules, DKP rules, be signed upto Raid site (here), Our Homepage (link above), and sign up for the raids you will attend on the calendar page (link on main toolbar above).

Starting 2010
Working on Solteris Access and Void Progression. We will have days planned for these, but working on getting them done and gettng grps together on other days is appriciated and helpful.

Raid Targets and Plans!!!
Solteris Access going into MM raids
Corruption of Ro Raid (aug)
Anguish (2.0 Orbs)
GRP Zone Raids

This is Not a Guild Home Page. This is Southern Cross Nights Raid page. WE RAID FOR FUN !!! Raids are NEVER  mandatory but we do need you there and we do have a good time.

If you are interested in Joining us pst Navils, Sharest, Grakis, Tallye, Inkiesky, Tragnon, Remocer, Dhergen, Laediil, Eliminator, Tallye, Stormmee, Moloura, Wolfcub Or look us up here on guild portal "Southern Cross Knights".
  Link is at top of page.

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