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Epmire News

Empire opening

Dakotaa, Oct 18, 09 4:18 AM.

Corporation Management



 CEO (Current Ruler of the Empire)
 Co-CEO
 Director


 Tactical Director
 Production Director
 Research Director
 Accountant

Junior Officers

 Chief of Security
 Logistics Director
 Mining Director
 Squadron Commander

Enlisted Soldiers

 Combat Pilot
 Scientist
 Hauler
 Miner

New Personel

 Recruit


Game News
Service Updates
I personally welcome all new members to 'Black Rising Empire'

So, to begin with i just feel it is right to list the corp rules so as not to be 'misinterpreted' at a later date. All infringement of any of the rules can result in dismissal, removal of roles or a suspension of corp involvement to be determined by a judicial board of directors which will be appointed by myself at the appropriate time.

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