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Welcome to our newest Explorer Mhiru!
Oct 22, 09 11:55 AM
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Welcome to Blackwater Explorers!

Blackwater is best described as an RP-friendly, casual raiding guild, with a laidback and mature atmosphere. Our guild chat is OOC - and has had me laughing myself into an asthma attack more than once at the antics of our membership. We also hold guild-wide RP events from time to time - which are optional.

Basically, Blackwater is a group of folks who do what we do because we want to have fun. Our raiding progression is fairly slow - compared to the 'hardcore' raiding guilds of the server - but we're just fine with that. The content isn't going anywhere and as GM, I have no doubt that we will eventually see it all. That being said, we do take pride in what we do and we are constantly striving to be better, in a respectful and constructive environment. Just because we are a casual raid guild does not mean that we are casual about our performance. After all, losing - wiping over and over and over again on a boss fight - isn't fun. We want to have fun - and winning is fun.

If what I've said here appeals to you, please feel free to contact an officer - or me - in-game. /who Blackwater Explorers will bring up a list of our members and you can ask any of them for an officer. We do tend to be somewhat selective, as we aren't looking for your UBERLEET RAIDER IN EPIX PURPLEZ and who can do 6k dps - but has a horrible attitude. We're looking for folks who will fit in with the people behind the toons first - skill and gear can always be worked on.

See you in the world!

Meghuin Danvers
GM, Blackwater Explorers

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Welcome to our newest Explorer Mhiru!

Meghuin, Oct 22, 09 11:55 AM.
A big welcome to Mhiru, who will be replacing Pet on RT2. Mhiru is a resto/enh shaman and I think he'll fit in great!
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