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Please Read~

The following are rules that all members must follow:

Narie is the leader of the guild and no one else is.
PLEASE avoid insulting ANYONE in the game, especially if you do not know that person. Doing so is reason enough for your account to be banned. You have been warned.
DO NOT give ANY kind of account information to ANYONE in the game.
All members must respect each other.
Be nice to others, not just those who are in the guild.

Use the guild chat to at least say hi to everyone who's on.

If someone can't or does not wish to help you, don't complain.
If you ask something on the guild chat and receive no response, don't get offended.

If you see anyone in need, assist if you are able to.

Don't take jokes seriously. Some members are the joking type.

If someone is being offended by a joke or an issue, then please end all offensive conversations.
Avoid the use of profanity.

Must be literate.
No spamming.
Avoid any type of drama.
Convert your guild points whenever you can.
Donate some gold if you are able to.

TRY to be active.
Real life is MUCH more important than Mabinogi.

The following are more of advice and things rather than rules:

The arena is a place to fight. Please do not get mad if someone randomly kills you or provokes you. There are no rules in the arena.

Not all people can be trusted in the game, so please be cautious when buying items.
You can show items to people using the trade screen but do not press the accept button.
Be smart in buying items. Make sure you check everything (durability, color, price, etc).

If someone does not follow these rules, that person may be kicked out of the guild. If you have any complaints against another guild member, please note me (Hisokaryuu).

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