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same here :(
I miss everyone! Life in general is great for me! BUT STILL MISS EVERYONE!
Toddles!!! sorry to hear that :( How have you been though?
Tight Tod
Hey guys :( I miss you all. Sitting in my house with all weekend off, a broken motorcycle, and an unused computer... Doesn't seem right. I hope all is well!
Too long without doing an STF
Being April 1st, 2015, It makes me sad that we won't gewt to see what awesome prank Paragon Studios would have pulled this year.
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Welcome to the Chrome Family website

We are located on City of Heroes and City of Villains on the Justice Server.

The Chrome Family consist of 4 core Groups

Our Hero Super Groups are Chrome Brothers &  Chrome Sisters

Our Villain Groups The Underlords & Carnival of Madness located on Justice server -

The Chrome Family also supports an all in one Global Channel called Justice United (formerly known as Chrome Support)


 Our History

Four years ago the Brothers Chrome was founded by CHROME and NOVA CHROME. They created the super group because; other super group's at the time were all for themselves and did not ever offer help or share information with others outside their group.

CHROME was writing a book at the time and decided to make the super group based off his book. Shortly after that a few others joined the Chrome Super Group, and it started to take off.

As the monocle of Chrome grew throughout COH, gamers became drawn to the Super Group out of trust. And the people that knew CHROME stood by him, and the Chrome Brothers super group began to flourish.

Eventually there was a snag in the road, where the Brothers Chrome capped the 75 member limit (the limit now is 150 and we have room). Seeing that the title "The Brothers Chrome" did not fit the concept of a female hero.  CHROME's wife Burning Chrome then created the Sisters Chrome and thus all the female heroes went to that super group. Basically, the Brothers and Sisters Chrome became two halves of a whole that work together. And soon the SG broke the top 100 SGs in the first 3 months and have remained there ever since. The SGs status can be viewed in the ATLAS PARK zone at the registrar.

On May 31, 2009  Chrome Family & Chrome Support hosted a server wide event on both Hero and Villain side, giving out many prizes for participants. The event included Badge Escorting, Pocket D Costume Contests, Trivia side events in Pocket D, Zone PvP events, Mission Architect  Challenge. Below is a promo video made by Greysteele of the Mission Architect Event.

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