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Welcome to Explorer Company ZNM Shell.

This shell will be dedicated to hunting of Zeni Notorious Monsters. Usually found in the Treasures of Aht Urgan Areas - Wajaom Woodlands for example. These Monsters require Triggers, purchased with Zeni which is obtained by taking photographs of monsters in game with Soul Plates and Soul Trappers [Camera and Film] Purchased with Jettons which are obtained by trading Imperial Currency to the particular NPC in the Panktration arena.

- Rassiel

Zeni Notorious Monsters and Sky God Fights

RassielFFXI, Nov 8, 09 11:38 AM.
After speaking with one of my officers I have come to the conclusion a ZNM-exclusive LS would be rather dull. Although the gear possibilities are rather exciting. At any rate, I have decided to extend the life of this Shell to Sky as well. Be sure to check the calendar; the event dates will be discussed at a later date.
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