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Gathering Of The Shadows is currently not recruiting.
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Gathering of the Shadows

A Statement of Missions or Mission of Statements


            If you are looking at this right now you are either a member of the guild checking the homepage; a potential recruit considering signing up ; or an aimless surfer of the web who’s gotten lost (in which case sign up for EQ2 and join our guild, cause we ROCK).

            Not being sure what information should be provided, let us begin with a short history lesson.  To understand one’s past, makes clearer one’s future.

            The 4 guild leaders, are Sorensico, Maladicta, Evillonestar & Castmenot.  These 4 have been playing MMORPG’s together for almost 5 years.  Before Sorensico used his dubious powers of coercion to convince Evil & Cast that EQ2 was the game to play, all 4 were in leadership roles in a guild in another RPG.  Their guild was pound for pound the strongest, most progressive, and most well liked guild on the server.  They were also able to accomplish things that veteran players on other servers for the same game said were impossible at their levels and outfitted as they were.  The leader of that guild has also joined us as one of the guild’s officers…Rhaziel.

            All this history for what purpose?  It reassures that the core of the guild is solid, and experienced with leading a group of people toward common goals.  So let us segue into the goals that are going to be set before us all.  As a guild we have one thing that will remain our main goal throughout the EQ2 experience, for everyone to have FUN.  In doing so each player will be encouraged and empowered to play their toons the way they want to.  So whether you want to adventure or craft, be good or be evil, quest or level fast, or anything in between; we will help you to make it happen.  We've already reached several goals we had originally set out to accomplish.  The guild has been level 90 for some time now and the T3 hall is coming along nicely as our decorators bust their humps to get it ready for Halloween.  So many have their Enervated Mythicals and it's been nice to go back and do mythical updates a little lately...just for fun.  Our raidforce has really learned to play as a cohesive group, and we are really excited to be starting some hardmode stuff here VERY soon.  At this point, aside from continuing to progress in the raid content, the only other goal we have before us is continuing to grow one another.  Whether a casual player or one of our raiders, witnessing one another achieve that which we chose to accomplish is the focus we have before us at this time.

            The key to meeting these goals as always is some simple, common sense factors.  These include, but are not limited to, being respectful of one another, learning to work as a group, and being as knowledgeable as possible about the game in its entirety.

            Together we will continue to reach our goals and much more.  Our various players have really learned how to play their toons to their highest potential.  All our guildies are striving to help one another out, and the teamwork aspect of this cooperation has been fabulous.  Seeing our guys accomplish so much in groups, raids and solo has been a true reflection of the quality of players we have within our ranks. while leaning on one another for support and encouragement we continue to better ourselves daily.  Finally, the effort given by some of the Vet players for the younger players/toons has been outstanding and encouraging; to see the old teach the new, the new be willing to learn, and the old learning a thing or two from the new as well.  
        So if you’re already in the ranks, we’ll see you in-game.  If not, sign up and we’ll make it happen.  For a little more specific information please refer to the guild charter linked to the left on the home page.



The little guild that COULD!!!

Sorensico, Jun 6, 10 10:35 AM.
        Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius

        And that we have GotS.  The labs having been completed leaves at focussing on Theer for progression.  We shall be putting those sages to rest soon and then begin our progress through the hardmode encounters.

                We'd like to offer our thanks to everyone who's helped make it all happen from our guildmates, to our crafters, creative folks, raiders, and officers.  You guys are all doing a great job!!!  Keep up the good work.
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