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Service Updates
Welcome to your new website!

Hi there guildie!

When signing up for membership as guildmember of Ye Olde RPG Guilde please remember to fill out your valid e-mail adress as to be able to receive news and messages from this site. Handling of your e-mail adress will of course only be used for this purpose.

Are you our new guildmember? How do u join?
  1. Whisper me "Qualex" guildmaster, Queen or one of our officers in game and we will send you an invite.
  2. Write me an E-mail and write your 
  • ingame name
  • when you are easiest to catch online
  • what char you're playing
  • what professions u have 
  • your age
  • and what country you're from

The last two information is used to know the guild average age and which countries guildmembers are hailing from.

Tanks for your time and welcome to the guild.
Other Guild News

Guild is closed and will not be running anymore.

GuildMasterQualex, Dec 20, 09 8:00 AM.
Due to lack of playable members, guildmaster decided to close guild.

Guild is running on LOW for the moment

GuildMasterQualex, Nov 10, 09 8:59 AM.
Due to the fact that I (the guildmaster) is going tto the hospital for 8 weeks, the guild will not be a priority from now until the end of january 2010. Sorry for the inconvinience, but it is unavoidable.
Please take care of yourselves and have a good game!

Fixed background

GuildMasterQualex, Nov 5, 09 10:52 AM.
I fixed the background image to match the same background as the one we have on our public website.


GuildMasterQualex, Nov 2, 09 9:57 AM.
When signing up for guild-homepage, remember to type in a valid E-mail adress, as to be able to receive out-game mail from this website, please.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Yeolderpgguilde, Oct 29, 09 11:16 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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