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Welcome to Shadow Pack!

~~Shadow Pack is a ALL Worgen roleplaying guild located on the RPPVP realm of Ravenholdt. Our focus is to have fun with roleplaying and leveling with a little PvP and PvE thrown in the mix!~~

Greetings brothers and sisters of the night, I welcome you to my pack. My name is Nightfang, I am the head alpha otherwise known as the Marrok of Shadow Pack. If you choose to live under my command you will do so fully. I will not tolerate incompetence or disloyalty here, you will obey my wishes and those of your class Alpha without question. In return you will know the strength of the pack by your side, for we take care of our own.

These are hard times for the Worgen, long have we been outcast and cutoff from the rest of the world. Now the Alliance has allowed us to join their ranks, yet few trust us and to be honest few Worgen trust them. However we have united for we have a common enemy in both the Horde and the Scourge, so we must get over our issue of trust and prove the power of the Worgen, prove the power of the Shadow Pack!

The Shadow Pack's Worgen are among the strongest and fiercest fighters the world will ever see, yet we are NOT a bunch of rampaging savages. No we are cunning and loyal and true to our Worgen ways and we will uphold the standards of the Shadow Pack even through the darkest of times. Being so the Shadow Pack will not tolerate anything that would bring dishonor to our pack's name, if you should so choose to dishonor us then you will be exiled from the pack.

Do you think you have something to offer my pack, something that will make us stronger? Will you protect and if need be die for your fellow pack mates? Will you uphold our traditions and serve your Alphas without question? Now then, knowing what you now know, do you think you have what it takes to be a Worgen of the Shadow Pack? Few are worthy, but maybe...just could be among the few.


~The Marrok
-Alpha Nightfang

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