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Auctorati (volunteer gladiator) is a PvP guild on the Laughing Skull server. In ancient Rome Auctorati were considered a social status lower than someone who sold themselves for money. The benefit of taking on such a disgraceful status was that if you succeeded in the arena, you could potentially win a social status sometimes even higher than an Emperor. The guild structure itself is set up like the gladiator schools of Ancient Rome, which competes on the individual level in the arena and for the reputation of the organization itself. Business is good for all when player domination is up.

What you can expect from the guild:

Faster and supported individual character progression
Accomplishing tasks that cannot, or cannot easily be done by an individual
All avenues of PvP enhanced by community, combat trust and strategies for the capitalization of enemy mistakes
A competitive atmosphere when in combat
A relaxed atmosphere when not in combat
No forced specs, although dual spec enjoyment is encouraged for all classes
Supplied battlegrounds with flasks/pots/drums/battlestandards/professions/guild repairs
Advanced battlegrounds strategies perfected over 5 years
A familia (gladiator troupe) interested in the same thing as you; player domination
A blend of PvE to support PvP efforts, character enhancement and professions


Auctorati started out TBC mid S2 with 15 players sporting 0 resil, greens and blues. It was a struggle to not get 5 capped. Holding stables was a primary objective for a few weeks. As time went on, combat trust was formed, gear was acquired and coordination of advanced tactics became a reality. It all paid off when we went undefeated in all of S4 battlegrounds. It got to the point that we had to set up 15 vs. 15 matches against horde guilds as a Hail-Mary for someone to punish us. This never happened, unfortunately.

When WotLK came out I leveled too slow, and didn’t provide a game plan for leveling, or initial BG grinding. Players began to leave for PvE guilds (easier obtained gear and growing families). I had failed to plan and capitalize on the expansion and the guild paid the price for it. With hindsight, I know better now. And with Rated BGs on the horizon, rolling into the new expansion as competitive as possible at all costs IS the primary objective of this guild.

Contact us:

Auctorati has 6 bank tabs, vent, a progressive guild structure, and the same dedication to PvP as you. If you’re currently 2k+ rating, feel free to contact me directly, otherwise please ask someone in the guild for a Lanista (Gladiator Manager), or Doctores (Gladiator Trainer) for further information. Our officers would rather use Ventrilo for longer discussions… Communication is the foundation of coordination and microphones reduce the risk of carpel tunnel.
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