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Welcome to Chaos Fire!!

Chaos Fire is a friendly guild deticated to helping each other out and getting everyone to 85.  Once we have enough lvl 85s we will begin organizing raids and end game content.  The Guild Master is Nitaro and you can also contact Twistax or Thyron.  Feel free to contact any of us in game if you have any questions and welcome to our family!!
Other Guild News

Vent Info

Koshkarm23, Apr 26, 10 9:13 PM.

Well since noone seems to care and arent using it, I cancelled the vent subscription.  So there is no more Vent.  Enjoy.


PvP Bracket Tournament

Nitaro, Feb 20, 10 4:40 PM.
    So heres the deal I am setting up a bracket Tournament for Guildies.  The problem I am having is making sure the entree fee amounts sound right and are reasonable.  1st place will get 50% of entree fee gold for that lvl bracket, 2nd 30%, and 3rd 10%. So keep this in mind if entree fee amounts are too small the rewards will then be small.  So here's the bracket brake down....

Lvl 1-9: 1 silver
Lvl 10- 19: 10 silver
Lvl 20-29: 50 silver
Lvl 30-39: 1 gold
Lvl 40-49: 2 gold
Lvl 50-59: 4 gold
Lvl 60-69: 7 gold
Lvl 70-79: 10 gold
Lvl 80: 15 gold

Please let me know your thoughts.


PvP Raids

Nitaro, Feb 20, 10 3:47 PM.
Once again check the calendar this will be a monthly thing so I hope to see everyone there.


Guild Lotto!!!

Nitaro, Feb 20, 10 3:31 PM.
Guild Lotto is now ready to start on the 28th please read the info on the calendar and good luck!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Koshkarm23, Nov 4, 09 9:47 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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