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Recruitment Info
Our recruitment status is as follows:

Druid: High
Mage: Medium
Warlock: High
Priest: Medium
Warrior: Medium
Paladin: Medium
Rogue: High
Death Knight: High
Hunter: High
Shaman: High

If you're interested in any of these positions, please create yourself a login and use the Application Template on our forums.

Low: No open positions
Medium: 1 to 2 spots
High: Multiple spots for different specs
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Raid Progression
Ulduar: 0/14 - Trial o/t Crusader: 0/5 - Trial o/t Grand Crusader: 0/5 - Icecrown: Unknown
Our official domain has been created and now has a brand-new and multi-functional forum up and running:
If you are interested in joining, please leave your application on the above mentioned website.

Welcome to Offday Syndrome!

Offday Syndrome is a new project for European World of Warcraft players (Alliance) whose primary playing times are on what most PVE guilds consider 'Off-Days': Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The guild will be setup around a few important principles:
- mature and friendly behaviour as well as social activity
- efficient and focused 10 men raiding
- versatility and effort from individual members

Guild leadership is experienced in both leading (Guild Leader in Vanilla; Officer in TBC/Wrath) and raiding (AQ40 in Vanilla, Sunwell in TBC, 3/4th Ulduar + several Hard Modes in Wrath).

Our goals are simple:
- see all PVE content before it becomes obsolete but do this at our own pace and in a fun and friendly environment

To make sure we get our members up to speed and geared up, we have decided to start off with running and clearing Ulduar, rather than jumping into Trial of the Grand Crusader or Icecrown. Not only does it allow the guild and its members to start off slowly and get used to each other, it also ensures players that are relatively new to PVE or that took a break to see this content.

We are currently in an exploritary phase: looking for interested players that fit the profile and have the nerf and willpower to help start up this project. During this stage we have no gear or level requirements.
The next stage is to set an official kick-off date where we will run our first Ulduar 10 men raid.

Like what you're reading so far?
Then create yourself a login to keep an eye out or ask any questions you may have on our forum or try to get hold of Yyra on Turalyon for a live chat.
Update 13/11/2009

Only a week after setting up this project, there have been several chats with interested people. Offday Syndrome seems to attract all kinds of players: players who have been playing since day 1 and players who just started or returned from a break, players who have always raided very hardcore and want to take a minor step back and players who have always been in pure social guilds and want to add that little bit of spice... It's all fine by us! As long as you share the guilds visions and are willing to work towards those shared goals then you are more than welcome! Diversity is part of what makes a guild interesting.

A few more notes:
- The guild website will eventually be ad-free and have its own domain; for the moment however, this is a first draft to make sure all information about us is out there
- Raid signups and organisation will likely be done through an addon in-game, called 'Group Calendar'
- Don't be shy to sign up and leave a note/application on our forum. There won't be any hard feelings if Offday Syndrome turns out not to be the guild for you.
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