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Recruitment Needs

Note: Openly Looking at all EXCEPTIONAL Applications Regardless of Class or Spec

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8/8 Heroic Madness of Deathwing Defeated! OPEN RECRUITMENT!!

BlackrockTekki, Feb 4, 12 2:17 PM.

    Finally the not-so-long yet still difficult push through Dragon Soul is over!  Despite our ONE WEEK BAN/VACATION(THANKS MOOGZ/BUMBLESTEAK) we've still managed to once again improve our ranking, finishing with a US #27 WORLD #78.  All I can say is... Dang.  Throughout the last few months of DS we've had a LOT of ups, great pickups, and a few downs, but in the end it has been a good finish to the last tier of Cataclysm.  With how strong our current roster is, I can't wait to see what we can do in Mists of Pandaria!

    Running <Defenestrate> for the last 4 years has been a very exhausting, tiring, but amazing experience. The way that we've managed to stick things out through the tough times(Tier 11) and the BORING times(ICC Farm) is nothing short of amazing.  We've managed to maintain our enjoyable and fun atmosphere, improve our ranking tier by tier in a big way, and still stick to our minimal schedule.... Dang. 

    This expansion has seen so many top tier 25 man guilds crumble, yet here we are going stronger than ever.  Looking back at Tier 11, having to rebuild literally OUR ENTIRE ROSTER, and even considering dropping to a 10 man or quitting raiding all together... then comparing that to now... just leaves me speechless.  The last few months have really shown me that all the effort to keep things going have been more than worth it!

    Big thank you to everybody that has been here and stuck it out throughout the years.  It's not much of a secret that I have been quite bored of the game for more than a year now, and yet you guys still manage to make me enjoy every raid together.  All of the inside jokes, legless Moogz, dangs, aliens, Castle puns, Muzezilla roars, Sephu jumping/falling off of everything, Bumble hilling, fire dwelling feral druids, THINGS GOING BERSERK, and Bastion of Dicks make it fun every night. (I know I'm missing a lot!!)

    A special thanks to Muze, Moogz, and Moon for helping to keep me sane throughout the years, and helping me keep things running all this time.  Darckli for helping me with raid leading and being a nerdy bleep blooper.  Innovative for all the help with the bank / selling / being awesome.  Tekki... you made our site not look like it was designed by a 3 year old with crayons... you rule.  All of the old schoolers that have stuck around for multiple years with us... I appreciate you guys more than you know.  

I love you all(Except Kaoes and Bumble)

-Big Newsh

Now that we've cleared all of Dragon Soul/Cataclysm, we're opening recruitment to ALL CLASSES AND SPECS while we prepare our roster for Mists of Pandaria during the farming grind.  If you feel you are completely *AMAZING* at your class/spec, feel free to drop an application!!

These are our current *HIGH DEMAND* needs, though as stated above, we are openly looking at ALL EXCEPTIONAL APPLICATIONS FROM ALL CLASSES AND SPECS!!

Death Knight (VERY HIGH): 1 Blood (MAIN TANK POSITION)
Hunter (VERY HIGH): 1
Mage (MEDIUM): 1 
Paladin (HIGH): 1 HOLY
Priest (LOW): 1
Rogue (LOW): 1
Shaman (MEDIUM): 1 Resto
Warlock (LOW): 1
Warrior (VERY HIGH): 1 Protection (MAIN TANK POSITION)

6/8 Warmaster Blackhorn Down!

BlackrockTekki, Jan 5, 12 4:07 AM.
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