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Welcome to Aftermath Origins' Guild Website.

Aftermath Origins is an Alliance guild on the World of Warcraft server, Gorefiend. Our goal is to provide a mature, casual, and close-knit environment and to casually and fairly progress through endgame content.

We offer our members the ability to experience all that World of Warcraft has to offer in a family setting where help will be available where needed.

As we are a fairly new guild, our recruitment policy is simply one of quality, rather than quantity. We are looking for mature, friendly, laid-back, and active individuals who share our ideals and goals. If this sounds like something that interests you, do not hesitate to contact our members or post in the forums.

Other Guild News

What Aftermath Origins is about!

val3fore, Nov 12, 09 10:43 AM.
As is visible on the home page, Aftermath Origins is a new fairly new Alliance guild on the Gorefiend server.

We were formed primarily for casual end-game PvE progression in both instances, heroics and raids. We are happy to say, however, that we offer ALL our members, regardless of level, the opportunity to take part in all of the game's aspects, be it questing, PvP, or just enjoying the company of their fellow players.

If a hardcore raiding guild is what you are looking for, then Aftermath Origins is not for you! Our members are dedicated to progressing through content, but we also realize and acknowledge the importance of real life factors and so, we assume that your daily lives take precedence over our in-game needs.

We don't have a minimum level for joining. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be part of something great, and we do not feel pressure to search out and accept certain classes with certain specs to fill spots we need filled. No matter our situation, we make it work to our advantage.

The main priority of the GM, Co-GMs, and Officers is to create and maintain a close-knit community of mature, friendly, active players of all walks of life, to offer a refuge from the stresses of life we all experience on a day to day basis. We want everyone to feel comfortable, like they're a part of things, and that they're welcome in the guild. We want members with a mindset that they're going to have fun while experiencing new things, or experience old things with new people. What we DON'T want is people who are anal and obsessive about acquiring the best gear regardless of what it takes and who they have to cross to get it, constantly striving to be better then everyone else in an unhealthy
way, guild-hoppers, impatient, or immature players. Unity is power. Epics have the capability to tear entire guilds asunder, and no one in Aftermath Origins wants to see that happen to us.

GM      - Valefore
Co-GM - Valonia , Elyriah

Naxx 10 and Sartharion 10 This Friday

val3fore, Nov 10, 09 12:40 PM.
Naxx 10 & Obsidian Sanctum 10
We will be running Obsidian Sanctum 10 followed by Naxx 10 on Friday 13 at 6pm.
If you don't intend on being here or are unsure about whether or not you can make the attendance
then don't sign up. However, if you do plan on attending, please sign up in your in game calendar,
also please only sign up with the character you intend to raid with. If you do sign up, BE ON TIME.
Join us for some loot ^_^

AO Website now up and running!

val3fore, Nov 10, 09 12:32 PM.
We now finally have an active guild website up and running. All guild, as well as additional game info will be posted here.
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