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1st contest of MoP!
Sep 23, 12 7:20 PM
Yeah Zentra!!!!
Sep 22, 12 1:29 PM
Feb 16, 12 9:42 PM
Congrats Klaud!!!!!
Nov 4, 11 2:03 AM
Shannox is dead!
Jul 1, 11 4:10 AM
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Welcome to Good Omens little slice of the internet. Here you will find some info about the guild and some mbrs, various funny or not so funny videos and other random things, enjoy!
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1st contest of MoP!

tyrven, Sep 23, 12 7:20 PM.
Haven't had one of these in awhile so why not start off with one. The first person to hit 90 for any class will receive 2000 gold from the guild. The first person to max out each profession will also get 2000 gold. So if you are our first maxed out tailor, 2000 gold for you, first lvl 90 warlock 2000g so on and so forth. 

Yeah Zentra!!!!

tyrven, Sep 22, 12 1:29 PM.
Congrats to Zentra our newest officer and selfless person who offered to deal with the madness that the guild bank can be. 


tyrven, Feb 16, 12 9:42 PM.
Its that time of year again. Our super awesome wonderful and amazing guild has turned 4, it cant walk yet I am getting a bit worried and when it talks it mutters what sounds like billions of fuck and shit the bed so thats worrisome. On a serious note a HUGE THANKS to each and everyone of you that make the guild a better place and more fun for all involved.

Congrats Klaud!!!!!

tyrven, Nov 4, 11 2:03 AM.
Klaudandus is our guilds newest officer. Just over 2 years of constantly putting the guild and guild mbrs ahead of himself and a willingness to always help others out are just some of the things that lead to this. He has asked while Tiddlywinky is away that he becomes the guard of the troll sweat so feel free to send all you find his way.

Shannox is dead!

tyrven, Jul 1, 11 4:10 AM.
Week 1 of new content and the bosses are going down even with a holiday raid schedule. Nice work guys and gals.
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Forums : General Discussion > Favorite things from Cata
tyrven (SuperAdmin) 9/22/2012 1:47 PM EST : Favorite things from Cata
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So in the last few days of Cata I have found myself looking back and recalling some of the fun or interesting parts. Just to list a few we have. 

- Killing over 50k sheep in Uldum with Orgru to get the pet 2 days into the expansion, finding out you needed rep you couldn't have for a month to use it sure wasn't funny. 

- Troggs why did it have to be troggs, the day to day stuff to cap the guild in xp was it's own adventure. Then you had the madness of the lvl 23 to 25 grind to really hammer it home. Congrats again on not only server 1st lvl 25 guild but top 10 in the US lvl 25 guild. This should actually be on the top of the list since this is by far the best guild thing we did, everybody had a part in it big or small, even if they weren't able to log on for that last day.

- Getting my legendary is certainly up there since it was the first one I have had as a player. Again thanks to everybody that helped out with that. 

- The rather interesting wipes on the councils elemental trash in BoT, no one time sticks out but there were a few "oh shit we pulled 5 groups" pulls that always made me laugh. 

- Finishing DS with 100% of the achievements and heroics done has to make the list. 

- The fishing contests and any other contests we did, getting the large groups on board for that was awesome. Dealing with handing out prizes and giving the correct credit to ppl not so much. Going back to the lvl 25 guild figuring out who finished where for that was a nightmare, never again. 

- Winning ranked WZ with fellinz as our flag carrier as a tree and her getting the achievement doing it. Doing a good 300 matches after that I quickly learned how crazy that really was. One you never see trees in ranked matches, two you never see healers carry the flag. Somehow we made both work even if it was only briefly. 

- Last but not least just the day to day things with everybody. Cata has been a different expansion for all of us and everybody liked it to different degrees. I did enjoy running around and doing all of the different things with each and every person in the guild and the others from outside of it that we often run with. So thank you everybody you all rock!

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