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Welcome to Foul Play

  Keep in mind that we are and will remain a small guild will have no more than 4 10man raid groups and 2 25man raid groups well limit our guild to no more than 75 member. As we start to gear up well consider expanding our guild

  Since our numbers are so small right now, were trying to focus on gearing people 10-vault 10-naxx mass heroics etc., since we expect to raid weekly and all raids from 10naxx and 10eoe all the way through 25toc (25togc is a ways away unfortunatly) well set up times weekly untill we have designated groups than those groups can discuss there own raid times. We will be clearing every raid every week (atleast the 10 mans to start)

  Foul Play does do PvP also no matter where you are what your doing alliance is and will always be our primary enemy Alliance fighting an elite? help the elite out, kill the alliance then kill the elite than take the loot thats how it works. your friend just started playing in hillsbrad lvl 34? CAMP HIM!!!!
   Along with that in Foul Play youll easily be able to find people to either arena with or Bg.
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