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I'd like to welcome you to the home of our family, Arthur's Royal Guard.  We have grown as a guild and as an alliance over the last few months, making us stronger than ever.  As one of the longest standing alliances on Alb/Lancelot, our goal continues to be to make this game fun and enjoyable for all, while instilling the ideals of loyalty, honor, teamwork, and respect in all of our alliance mates.

We've added a lot of stuff to the site recently, but if there is anything that you think we should add to make this your one stop DAOC shop, please send a message to Barczyk and I'll see about honoring your request.

Very Respectfully,
Barczyk Sureshot
Co-GM Arthur's Royal Guard


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Biggsie, Aug 25, 11 1:01 AM.
I know not many people actually check this site anymore but...

I have been in the works for creating a guild for the new Star Wars MMO if anyone is interested in playing and would like to join head on over to Tatooine Border Patrol we are going to be an Empire/Sith aligned guild with moderate relaxed play. We do intend to raid and pvp in end game. If you are unaware of the game itself check SW: The Old Republic.

Hope everyone is well,

Lowbie hunting Groups

Nelvar, Jan 15, 07 10:50 PM.
Since I am starting all over and only have Lowbies, I am trying to get hunting parties together to help relieve the boredom of leveling.  If you have a lowbie of most any level we can group up and have fun. Currently I have a lvl 29 Cleric, lvl 23 Fire wizard, and lvl 11 Armsman.  Either Reply on the forums or pm me in game, Most likely be playing as Patchyouup.

Thank you all for your intrest and support.

Thanks to all in ARG!

537077143_Inactive, Jan 18, 05 10:40 PM.
I just wanted to say thank you to all in helping me reach 4L0.  I continue to look forward to hunting down and destroying the enemies of our realm!  It's been great working with all of you and I look forward to working with you in the future!


Scout flash intro available

Deleted User, Apr 21, 04 12:52 AM.

the flash video barczyk spoke of is available at the following addresses, if the other one is over its bandwith

So you want to join Arthur's Royal Guard?

Barczyk, Mar 16, 03 7:46 AM.
Well, you've made the first step towards a wonderful adventure with Arthur's Royal Guard. Please go to the forums section and fill out your guild application. We will be sure to process it quickly and let you know the status once our officers review it. Thank you very much and see you in game.
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