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Virtues' Blog Gets major overhaul
May 9, 10 11:58 PM
Twins Downed!!!
Mar 31, 10 12:36 PM
Durchest Downed Again!
Mar 21, 10 2:35 AM
Durchest Down!!!
Mar 9, 10 8:32 AM
BoE preps for another BG run!!!
Mar 4, 10 8:34 PM
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Blade of the Eldar is a casual raiding, family-oriented kinship that enjoys casual play with others.  We pride ouselves in helping our members and friends obtain radiance gear, questing, leveling, crafting, and more.

For a list of guidelines we expect each member to adhere by with good conduct, please read the Members Discussion link in the Forum Header.

If you have any questions about the kin or website, please send me a mail.  Thank you for checking out the site and we appreciate your patience as we add more information to the site.

Faithbuilder316 aka Argi


Virtues' Blog Gets major overhaul

Faithbuilder316, May 9, 10 11:58 PM.
Hey everyone!

Check out the new and improved Virtues' Blog.  In the last week, I have tried to work on it tediously by updating all deeds for each region, improve over all color quality coordinating with each trait, and highlighted reputation information.  There are even some titles mentioned.  The information I obtained was through the Lorebook.  Sorry for taking so long with updating it, but I strongly feel that you will like it better.  Any questions or comments send me a mail.


Twins Downed!!!

edvillan15, Mar 31, 10 12:36 PM.
BoE put down twin last night!! I would like to say thanks to everyone that participate and job well done. Grats on Greenwen for getting the gloves. Keep up the good work guys! That lieutenant will going down soon...

Durchest Downed Again!

Trebolus, Mar 21, 10 2:35 AM.
BoE put down Durchest again in Barad Guldur. This time it was an all-kin run, resulting in 2 shiny new pairs of boots for V-Man and Dev. Eyewitnesses stated that a captain named Trebolus was most instrumental in this effort, but Ace helped a little.


Durchest Down!!!

edvillan15, Mar 9, 10 8:32 AM.
BoE put down durchest last night..Good job everyone...Looking forward to kill the second boss in BG. Be prepared this friday.

BoE preps for another BG run!!!

Trebolus, Mar 4, 10 8:34 PM.
Last week, an all-kin BG run resulted in 2 successful runs through the gauntlet. We expect to see this same kind of success tomorrow and continue on to take down that first nasty boss! Register now on the calendar!
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