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While all of the following information is considered important, and everyone is encouraged to read through all of it, some of the more imperative material is denoted by a ().  Please, read over these sections more carefully and know that they are considered to be the more seriously enforced guidelines.
Policies & Procedures


  • Loot rules will be decided by the Raid Leader BEFORE the raid starts.  Here are some common looting choices: Master Looter with Open Rolls, Master Looter with Loot Council or Group Loot with threshold settings.  Most commonly, you will see our raids setup with Master Looter and Open Rolls - Main Spec first, followed by Alt Spec rolls.
  • When a Raid Leader decides to pick up a guild member or non-guild member, that is not normally associated with that raid group, to substitute a normal raid member at any position (Tank, Healer or DPS), the Raid Leader is required to (re)inform the raid and the P.U.G. of the current loot rules BEFORE they join the raid.
  • New guild members may not be allowed to raid as soon as they join the guild.  It is quite possible that you may have to wait several weeks before being rotated into a raid.
  • New guild members will NOT be allowed to roll on loot in raids (unless no regular raid members need/want the gear).  New members must be present for a minimum of 3 raids before they will be allowed to roll on loot.  Those runs must be consecutive and in the same raid as the week prior.  This rule is intended to get members to show they are committed to our guild and committed to raiding.  This rule may be overridden by the raid leader or the GM's at will.


  • When a new member joins Ancient Flame they will be given the rank "Initiate".  This rank comes with no permissions and no responsibility.  During the time that one is an Initiate, we are evaluating the person's character, not their toon's ability or their playing skill.  The Initiate has no ability to make withdrawals from or deposits into the guild bank.
  • After 30 days from the time a new member has joined the guild they will be considered for promotion to "Member".  Once a member has been promoted to "Member", they may withdraw 5 stacks from each of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th guild tabs.
  • Some members will be considered for the rank of "Veteran Member".  These are people who have been in the guild for quite some time and are highly respected and trusted.  Although they generally are not included in guild meetings or asked to help form guild policies, Veteran Members will have more permissions in the guild tabs.  They are trusted to make more withdrawals, see what's in the first and second guild tabs, and sometimes be asked to attend meetings.  This rank is only given to members who have shown exceptional service and have remained in good standing for many months while being a member of Ancient Flame.
  • After being a member of Ancient Flame for over 90 days, certain Members may be considered for promotion to "Jr. Officer".  Junior Officers will be able to make withdrawals from all guild tabs.  Junior Officers may be asked for their opinion on guild rules, regulations, policies, raiding and other guild operations and events.  Junior Officers are mainly tasked with assisting the other officers in maintaining an environment conducive to guild rules and regulations.  Although Junior Officers cannot remove, promote or demote other members, they can make the Officers aware of any oversight in the ranking system.  Junior Officers are often asked for their opinions in guild decisions, asked to attend meetings, and given other responsibilities that would require them to have an understanding of the basic structure and composition of the guild's rules, regulations and policies.  Jr. Officers MUST have an authenticator attached to their account.  This can be verified by summoning "Core Hound Pup" pet in-game.
  • To obtain the rank of "Raid Leader" (this is not an actual rank, but a sub-rank-position - meaning, you are primarily whatever rank you have been given, and secondarily considered a Raid Leader), one must first be a member of Ancient Flame for at least 90 days.  Prospective members for the "Raid Leader" position must also show that they have made major contributions to the guild by: helping other guild mates with professions, instance runs, education on general game play, class leadership, contributions to the guild bank, and of course, better than average knowledge of raiding and progression.  Raid Leaders need to be able to verbally describe boss fights and strategies, using Ventrilo.  Raid Leaders need to be able to calmly, efficiently, and effectively lead 10 to 40 people in clearing trash mobs and downing bosses by calling out assignments and correcting mistakes.
  • Obtaining the rank of "Sr. Officer" is easier said than done.  Sr. Officers are responsible for maintaining and implementing guild policies, enforcing guild rules and regulations and providing leadership and council to all guild members.  Sr. Officers are given full access to all items (excluding gold) in all guild tabs.  Sr. Officers are required to attend all guild meetings.  Sr. Officers are entrusted to promote, demote, invite and remove guild members below their rank.  Sr. Officers are required to be a member of Ancient Flame for no less than 6 months.  Sr. Officers MUST have an authenticator attached to their account.  This can be verified by summoning "Core Hound Pup" pet in-game.
  • Lastly, all current Sr. Officers must vote unanimously to promote a member to the rank of "Sr. Officer".  If all of the Sr. Officers vote in favor of promoting a member to the rank of Sr. Officer they, then, must seek the approval of the GM.
  • Also, although we have set basic time limits for each level of promotion, the GM, Co-GM or a Sr. Officer may promote anyone at anytime of their choosing.  Whereby, this would overrule the various waiting periods for promotion through the ranks.  Remember, asking for a promotion is not generally encouraged nor is it helpful towards your consideration for rank.  Ancient Flame carefully considers ALL guild members for promotion.  All you have to do is be YOU!  We are watching you, we are always taking note of your contributions and we are always looking for people we can trust and rely on.
  • Regarding the requirement for all members with the ranks of "Officer Alt", "Jr. Officer", "Sr. Officer", "Co-GM" and "GM" - these characters MUST remain in an account that is linked to an authenticator.  These members may be asked, at random, to summon their "Core Hound Pup" pet as proof of their authenticator linked status.  This pet is received via an in-game mail sent to all characters (current and future) on all accounts tied to a account that has been linked to a Blizzard Authenticator. If the authenticator is removed from a account, the Core Hound Pup will disappear from the collection of all of characters associated with the account. If an authenticator is reattached, the pet will be re-mailed to all characters. If you switch authenticators while in-game, the pet will remain intact.  If a member cannot summon the "Core Hound Pup" pet and/or refuses to do so, that member could be demoted to the rank of "Member" or lower.  They also face the possibility of being removed from the guild completely.  We take account security seriously, and we take guild security and guild bank security just as seriously.  We will NOT tolerate thievery, subversion, or any type of attempt to undermine and/or circumvent our rules, regulations and policies.


  • The Guild Master, Co-Guild Master or Sr. Officers may demote any member from any rank to any other rank for any reason at any time. Got it? Good :P
  • Sr. Officers may be demoted without prior notice.  This especially applies to situations where it becomes necessary to protect the items in the guild bank.  Since Sr. Officers have unrestricted access to items in the guild bank, and they could empty the guild tabs at will.


  • Ancient Flame does not discriminate against one's race, gender, color, national origin, religion, age or disability.
  • Although we may have some members that are under the age of 18, Ancient Flame reserves the right to deny an application to become a guild member if the applicant is under the age of 18.  This policy will be enforced at the will of the inviter.  If an applicant submits false information about his/her age, he/she risks being kicked out of the guild.  The main purpose of this policy is to discourage immature behavior within the guild, outlined in our guild rules and regulations.
  • Current members may request that their children be added to the guild, even if their child is under the age of 18.  In almost all cases, this is not a problem so long as the children obey and adhere to all guild rules, regulations and policies.
  • If any member of Ancient Flame discriminates against another member, he/she risks being removed from the guild.


  • The Guild Master, Co-Guild Master or any Sr. Officer may remove a member from the guild at any time for any reason.
  • Any violation of guild rules, regulations or policies is grounds for dismissal.
  • Ancient Flame reserves the right to revoke membership without warning.
  • Membership may be revoked from a member who is not online.
  • Membership may be revoked without any explanation.  All guild members are encouraged to read all guild rules, regulations and policies so that they may prevent breaking said rules.
  • If a guild member's account is under suspicion for any reason (ie: account hacking, account selling or buying, fraudulent activity, power leveling, gold buying or selling, or any reason that contradicts Blizzard's or World of Warcraft's End User License Agreement "EULA" or Terms Of Use "TOU") all of that member's characters may be removed from the guild.  Furthermore, any accounts that are connected to the suspicious account (ie: a family member or friend) may also be removed from the guild.  This is a preemptive and necessary action intended to protect our other guild members as well as our guild bank.  There does not have to be any proof of suspicious activity on a member's account in order for this policy to be enforced. 
  • Membership revocation may be reviewed and overturned by the GM or Co-GM.


Rules & Regulations
  • NO cursing, demeaning, berating, sexual, harassing or prejudicial language in guild chat at ANY time. (or in whispers to our members, for that matter)  This is a great way to get yourself kicked from the guild.  For those of you who didn't take the time to read this before you were reprimanded the first time... we usually enforce a 3 strike rule here... depending on the severity of the offense.  [this rule is intended to protect our members from harassment - there may be times when a member may type a curse word in guild chat about a player or situation outside of the guild - if some one were to say: "man, f*** those guys... they ninja'd my helm!" this would not be considered a violation of guild policies - if someone were to say: "the Cowboys are playing like s*** today!" this would also not be a violation of guild policy - sufficed to say, unless someone is using language in a derogatory way toward another member in the guild, it is unlikely that they will be reprimanded for it - however, we do encourage all of our members to use common sense, consider others feelings and use discretion when using such language - if foul language offends you, we highly recommend that you change your chat settings (under "game menu", "interface", "social" check the "mature language filter"]

  • Newly invited members are not allowed to invite their friends to join Ancient Flame. (just because you know someone that you think is cool does not mean that Ancient Flame thinks or should think the same - all potential members are required to apply in the same manner)  Again, this may be overridden by the GM or an officer at will.

  • NO begging for runs through instances, gold or other items, in guild chat or through whispers to guild members EVER!

  • If you take an item from the guild bank, or have someone remove it for you - please make some kind of donation to the guild bank of equal value or at least 1/4 the going price in gold.  This is only fair to the people who keep the bank stocked.  Guild bank inventory is mainly intended for storage of items that will help people level their professions.  Also, we may store items used for raiding such as: elixirs, scrolls, quest items and upgrades to guild members' armor.  If you take out some low level or low value items, consider dropping some change, as well... maybe a gold or two.  You can make that back by killing 2 mobs.
  • DO NOT presume to start a raid with other guild members without first consulting a raid leader or an officer.  Our raids are scheduled by our raid leaders and they are the ones who decide who to invite to raids.  If you start up a raid and get yourself, and others from our guild, saved to that raid - you take away from the guild as a whole and our intentions to form a guild raid group.  You also interfere with the guild's raid schedule.  In such a case, you aren't making a contribution to our guild or giving yourself any points with leadership.  In short - if you don't see it on the calendar and you want to run it - check with the GM, Raid Leader or and Officer.  We can certainly schedule a time so that all the guild members know that we're running it and can either opt in or out.  Doing so will give everyone the best chance to get into that raid with guildies and give you the best chance at having all the necessary classes/positions filled for a successful group. [This only applies to 10 and 25 man (level 80+) raids - not 5 man heroics]

  • DO NOT EVER, UNDER ANY CURCUMSTANCES, GIVE OUT OUR VENTRILO INFORMATION!  Officers are the only ones who may give out our Vent info to people outside of our guild.

  • DO NOT offer the services of our guildies to other players outside of our guild, without first asking the person which can provide the service.  We do NOT allow "trade-for-profit" transactions inside the guild. We do not charge guildies for making items that we have in our professions, with the assumption that you have the materials required to make said item, or a guildie is willing to GIVE you the materials to do so. Furthermore, if the item you want crafted is not currently in the crafter's profession book, you might want to consider paying for that pattern, schematic, formula or recipe.

  • DO NOT post items to sell in guild chat.

  • PRIVACY is respected in our guild.  We do not require players' real names, phone numbers and/or information about where they live, save their local time zone info.  If a guild member shares such information with you... KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

  • Finally... if in doubt, ask an officer.  If there are no officers online to answer your questions, don't make any assumptions.  We want our guild members to enjoy their membership with Ancient Flame.  We do not wish to "spoil anyone's fun" or tell our guildies how to play the game.  It is, after all, your $15 a month!  We simply ask that you treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Think... fairness, humility and kindness.  Following these simple rules will get you farther than selfishness, greed and envy.

  • When ANY member deposits gold or items into the guild bank, those items and/or gold become the property of Ancient Flame and all of its members who are allowed to withdraw it from the guild bank.  If you have an item in your inventory that you want to store for your later use - DO NOT deposit it into the guild bank.  If you deposit an item into the guild bank and another guild member removes it, it then becomes the property of the member who removed it (this particular regulation is, of course, considered void if a member's account gets hacked and the hacker removes items from the gulid bank - at which point we will do everything in our power to get those items returned to the guild bank by Blizzard Game Masters) .  Any deposit into the guild bank is considered a donation.

  • If a member decides to leave the guild, he/she forfeits any and all benefits of using the guild bank.

  • Any and all gold that it deposited into the guild bank maybe used in whatever way the Guild Master decides to use it.  Generally, gold deposited into the guild bank will be used to add bank tabs, repair broken armor, purchase materials for crafting items, helping guild members with their professions and/or helping pay for respecs and many other guild related expenses.  Again, guild funds will be spent at the discretion of the Guild Master.  In the case of a large amount of gold being used, (2500+) the GM usually seeks the opinion of the Co-GM and/or Sr. Officers.


  • Officer meetings are closed to the general public and regular guild members.  On some occasions, Veteran Members maybe asked to attend officer meetings. 

  • Any and all information shared in officer meetings is considered confidential.  This is the reason we hold the meetings in a protected, user authorization required channel.  Only officers and people brought in by an administrator (usually the GM) may enter the channel.  All others will be denied access by the system.

  • Any and/or all officer meetings may be audibly recorded for posterity.  These recordings maybe shared or reviewed with other officers that were unable to attend the meeting.  Recordings may also be used to keep a record of subjects discussed that pertain to guild policies, rules and regulations.  These recordings will be stored on Xanderian's personal computer hard drive.  Any personal information that may be recorded will be kept with the utmost confidentiality.


  • The command structure of Ancient Flame is as follows:
  1. Guild Master
  2. Co-GM
  3. Sr. Officer
  4. Jr. Officer
  5. Officer Alt
  6. Veteran Member
  7. Member
  8. Member Alt
  9. Initiate
  10. Inactive
  • In the event that there are no GM's, Officers or Veteran Members online - all other members are expected to follow guild rules in regard to raids and general behavior.  If at least one member of leadership isn't present for a raid at raid time, the raid is considered canceled until a member of leadership can be available to lead the raid - unless a member of leadership assigns someone to be in charge of the raid in their absence. 
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