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is not currently, actively recruiting. All interested parties are encouraged to apply via the website or speak to an officer in-game.
Guild Membership
Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Ancient Flame!

First off, we are a very laid back type of guild.  The only things we take seriously are our policies.  They're mostly common sense, anyways.  We are not a "hard core" raiding guild.  However, we do enjoy raiding when we can.  Usually, we raid on Saturdays at around 7pm server time.  Most of our members (especially the leadership) have real lives outside of the World of Warcraft.  It is often difficult to promise or commit to a set time that we can be online.  The GM, Xanderian (Jeremy) and his wife, and Sr. Officer, Symphony (Lara), are on-call 24/7 for their jobs.  This makes it very difficult to always be available online.  Despite that, we certainly try to make time for things that we setup on the Guild Calendar. 

Secondly, we are a friends and family oriented guild.  We value the people much more than the characters they play.  We enjoy talking in guild chat and chatting in Vent.  We are very friendly and desire to be helpful and informative.  Most of the leadership has been playing for over 5 years and pretty well knows almost every aspect of the game.  We do not care whether or not our members are as knowledgeable as we are or if they know more than we do.  The whole point of a guild is to be a part of a group that can help each other achieve and accomplish their common goals.

Third, we do not require anyone to meet certain requirements in order to remain in our guild.  You are free to leave, at your own choosing, anytime you desire.  Some people just need a place to belong.  We offer that type of environment.  We care about our members and their real-life commitments.  Therefore, we can not expect anyone to devote their personal time to guild events.  We are very much in favor of everyone working hard on their own characters and leveling as well as gearing themselves to run raids.  When we can, we will run 10 man raids as a guild.  We encourage everyone to try to get into 25 man PUGs when they can [please refer to our "Policies" tab in the "Rules & Regulations" section].

Lastly, it's your $15 a month!  You should play the game however you wish to play it.  On some occasions, we might ask you to do something for the guild that you normally don't do, but generally we don't ask much more from our members than to contribute to the guild by offering your support, abilities and friendship.

If this sounds like the type of guild you'd be interested in joining, please click on the [>Join The Ancient Flame<] link at the top of the page and fill out the questionnaire.  Your application will be reviewed by our leadership and you will be contacted in-game.

If you have already joined our guild in-game, please click the [>Join The Ancient Flame<] link above so that you may become a member of our website.  There is much more information that you can see when you become a member of our website.
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