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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.

My online name is Daen, and I play World of Warcraft on Hordeside Sentinels server. In the game, I run a daily activity called the Crafting Emporium, which basically involves making/scribing/enchanting whatever you may need free of charge, provided you have the materials.
The purpose of this site is to show you what I can make, so you can find out if you'd like my help, or if you don't need it. Generally speaking, though, if you need it, I can almost certainly make it for you.
Daen's News    
May 28,
Hey, everyone. It seems that Guildportal itself was completely offline for the last few days. This is basically the last straw for me, so I'll be using an entirely different site as soon as it's complete. I'll include a link to it from here, when it's done.
See you ingame,

May 2,
Hey, all. Sorry I was a no-show last night. Work got shifted around last-minute (totally unexpected for all of us), and I wasn't able to log on for hours.
I hope you all didn't miss me too much,

October 14,
Patch 6.0.2 has come out, in preparation for WoD, and things are all a little haywire as a result. Among a BUNCH of changes Blizzard implemented, the Black Market is now down for the count. At least until WoD comes out, that is.
The changes to UBRS forced me to spend pretty much all of yesterday farming for the Red Dragonscale Breastplate recipe, and I got it, less than thirty minutes before the servers went down. Phew!
Here's hoping things calm down soon and I can get back to business as usual,
Daily Information    
Crocs: not today, Pebble: not today, Ricket: not today* 
Trading Post material: Blackrock Ore, 6 Garrison Resources each
Garrison Trader cycle: Ore->Dust->Fur->Leather->Herbs
Today's Black Market items: [Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)] [Dreadnaught Sabatons] [Unclaimed Black Market Container] [Living Sandling]
*There's a less common pet in the Crumbling Depths in Deepholm, that can only be gathered by killing Jadefang. The only way to REACH Jadefang is using Ricket's explosives.
FAQ (As of Sep 16)    
What do your charge for your work? Do you sell materials on the Auction House, or directly?
    As a rule, I don't charge a single copper piece for my work. It's possible I won't be able to make some items if I'm completely out of cooldown components. In that case, you'll have to wait between 1 and 4 days, and might go on a waiting list. That's pretty unlikely, though.
    Generally, I sell what few materials I gather on the Auction House. However, if you're having trouble finding specific components on the AH, and I have them, I'll consider selling. That's also rare.

Why do you run this site, if you don't charge for the work you're doing?
    I'm trying to set an example for the people online for whom money is everything. It isn't even that important, in the long run. Actually, unlike raiding or questing, the process of setting this example is what makes the game fun, to me at least.

Is it true that you refuse to link any of your professions? If so, why not?
    I link specific items to describe the materials, but otherwise, no, I don't. I believe that people should investigate for themselves what they want to buy, and that if I were to simply be another window shop, I'd be hindering, and not helping, the people around me. Also, some people require profession links to prove they're not being cheated. I believe strongly that I shouldn't have to prove anything, that people should trust. That's another reason why I don't.

You don't put the materials for any of your items on this site. How can we find out what components we need to gather, if we want your help?
    Adding all the materials for all my items would have taken me months. I suggest you use, as it's an excellent and accurate resource for me. also works.

When can we find you online, if we need you to build something?
    I'm online at various times, but I've set aside the time between 10 and 11pm Eastern Standard Time for this project. If you catch one of my characters then, I should be able to help you. Enchanting is best done then. Alternatively, we could work via ingame mail, if time is an issue. That'd actually be ideal for me, as well.

What is Bling?
    High level Engineers can now build an item called Blingtron 4000, which can be used every four hours. The creature created by it lasts for ten minutes, and will give a gift to anyone who speaks to it, once per day per account. The gift is most useful for characters who haven't maxed out their professions yet, as it has a chance to help with that.
    I place my Bling in Orgrimmar's Valley of Strength, at the close of my daily Emporium (11pm EST).

Which of your characters builds what, exactly?
    Daenpo is my primary Alchemist and only Tailor, Daenuk does all my Blacksmithing. Daenar is my main Engineer, and does all my secondary skills, Daenzu runs all my Enchanting and Jewelcrafting, Daenex handles all my Inscription, and Daenha is my best Leatherworker. The rest are all support characters.
On the lists, if an entry includes #a, or #i, or any letter, it means it can't be done by the main, but can be done by my others.

You can't make everything. If it's not here on the site, where can we go to get help?
    Jadzialari is an accomplished tailor with many endgame recipies. Gypped has both old world and endgame enchanting down pat, and Inebrianna's got blacksmithing pretty much covered. Oh, and I DO have every glyph that can be made, as well as many endgame recipies for other professions. :)

Do you do any other activities that we could find useful ingame?
    I have a rogue, Daenha, who can pick locks up to the max you can get so far, and a mage, Daenpo, who can Portal people to all portal locations. I also have a lot of experience with horde side quests, and leveling up nearly every class. I'm happy to share what I know. Generally, if you catch me during my Emporium (7-8pm server time, daily), I can help you.
Daemonicus, for the Chimaerok recipe, and for the elementium used for smithing recipes.
Crimsoncow, for various level 70 epic recipes.
Ullu, for a ton of savage leather used for LW recipes.
Loth, Zala, Malix, all my guildies, and the rest of the SGC for their constant support and help. I'm very grateful for all your help, folks :)
Banned List    
There's a large percentage of people out there who will, invariably, take advantage of people, just because they can. The following people made the mistake of taking advantage of me and my guild. I'm not angry at them, but I am disappointed. I hope this list doesn't grow any more than it already has.

Cooldown Materials    
Every day before my Emporium, I visit all my characters and create the cooldown items necessary to make just about everything out there. You can pretty much count on me having extras around to help you make things, unless those things are VERY popular.
Jard's Peculiar Energy Source: 10 Ghost Iron Bars, or 20 ore
Magnificent Hide: 20 Exotic Leather or 20 Prismatic Scales
Hardened Magnificent Hide: 2 Magnificent Hides
Lightning Steel Ingot: 10 Ghost Iron Bars, or 20 ore
Living Steel: 6 Trillium bars, or 60 Ghost Iron Bars, or 120 Ghost Iron Ore. This is my most popular item so far.
Balanced Trillium Ingot: 1 Trillium Bar, or 10 Ghost Iron Bars, or 20 ore
Imperial Silk: 8 Windwool bolts, or 40 Windwool cloth
Celestial Cloth: 10 Windwool bolts, or 50 Windwool cloth
Dreamcloth: 8 Embersilk bolts(or 40 cloth), and 30 of any Volatile elemental(or 4 Chaos orbs)
Sha Crystal: 5 Ethereal Shards, or 15 Small Ethereal Shards, or 25 Mysterious Essence, or 125 Spirit Dust
Scroll of Wisdom: 3 Ink of Dreams, or 6 Shadow Pigment, or 15 of any Pandarian Herb(Green Tea Leaf, Silkweed, Snow Lily, Rain Poppy, or Fool's Cap)
Spirit of Harmony: Since these items can't be made, I've decided to charge 20 gold apiece for them. I wish I didn't have to charge at all, but such is the nature of MoP, I guess.
Typically, I trade these for the mats to make them, so we can ignore time and BoP restrictions. The rest of the items have neither a cooldown nor are BoP, so they're easy to prepare. 
As always, if you can't catch me during my Emporium, mail me. I'm happy to do this over the mail system, as well.
Recently Acquired!    
Red Dragonscale Breastplate (about half an hour before 6.0.2 destroyed UBRS)
Greater Ward of Shielding
Glyph of Sprouting Mushrooms
Banana Infused Rum
Four Senses Brew
Red Winter Clothes
Glyph of Inspired Hymns
Drums of Rage
Glyph of Condensation
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