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Earth Shatter
Fire Sunder
Smelt Trillium
Smelt Ghost Iron
Smelt Pyrite
Smelt Hardened Elementium
Smelt Elementium
Smelt Obsidium
Smelt Titanium
Smelt Titansteel
Smelt Saronite
Smelt Khorium
Smelt Hardened Adamantite
Smelt Cobalt
Smelt Enchanted Elementium
Smelt Felsteel
Smelt Eternium
Smelt Adamantite
Smelt Fel Iron
Smelt Dark Iron
Enchanted Thorium Bar
Smelt Thorium
Smelt Truesilver
Smelt Mithril
Smelt Gold
Smelt Iron
Smelt Steel
Smelt Silver
Smelt Bronze
Smelt Tin
Smelt Copper
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