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Who I Am    
My real name is Gabe, and I live in Michigan. I've lived here for over a decade, and don't mind the rapid weather changes anymore.
I went to college, and didn't finish it. I have no regrets about that. It was a mistake for me to try in the first place. I was intellectually ready, but socially unprepared. Still, I learned a lot, even if it wasn't really what my profs wanted me to learn.
I've traveled a LOT. I've been in many countries, mostly during childhood, so my perspective is different than most others.
I have no romantic interest in my life (I call them Significant Others, or SOs). It's kinda the same situation as college. Wasn't ready, didn't work out, not going back anytime soon.
I'm from a stable, caring family. I have parents, siblings, and we all get along well. I'm lucky, in that regard. I have nothing but respect for my friends, and anyone else, who lived in less ideal circumstances growing up.
I was raised in a Protestant Christian home, but I don't have quite the same beliefs anymore. I'm not rebelling against my parents or anything, far from it. Essentially, the only thing I'm absolutely sure about is that the world in which we live was created. It didn't happen by accident. The rest is just theories, some stronger than others.
Oh, and one more thing. If you have any questions for me about anything RL-related, please use the ingame mail system, or whispers. It's not the kinda topic that should be shouted or spoken in Trade.
What I Do    
I work two jobs. Neither is very interesting, but they pay the bills. I can't complain about them. Due to the bad economic conditions in present-day US, I'm lucky just having what I have.
When I'm not working, sleeping, or doing the Emporium activities, I'm a gamer. I have extensive experience with computer games, mostly RTS, some RPG. I also have a lot of fun with tabletop gaming, such as DnD (3.0 and on), World of Darkness, D20 modern, and others. Yes, I'm a GM both in WoW and in DnD :). Also, I read a lot. Sci-fi and fantasy, mostly, with some historic fiction mixed in. My favorite historical figure is Sir Francis Drake. Basically, he was the original Dread Pirate Roberts (yes, I'm a Princess Bride fan, too :).
Mostly, however, I'm a writer. I'm not published yet- nothing worth sending to a publisher- but I'm working on several ideas, and unlike my previous ones, I'm actually excited about them. I've got a feeling that I may have my name in print relatively soon, and I LIKE that idea.
If and when I near completion on something worth publishing, I'll place it here, Behind the Curtain, so you can read excerpts from it. I'm not above shameless self-promotion, if it'll get me published :)
And Why    
I've thought long and hard about why I do anything at all. My motivations don't seem to match those of anyone I've met, and I'm fine with that.
Basically, I want to improve the lives of people. The more the better. Of course, that's a vague description, so I'll try to explain:
I do the Emporium activity to offer my SKILLS, but not my materials, to offer advice, but not my direct intervention, to send people to places they could otherwise get to, but not very easily. Essentially, I want to influence people to reach for things on their own, rather than just being handed things Welfare-style. I believe that working for something increases its value when you finally get it.
If/when I ever get published, I want my works to be about the struggles and the achievements of the characters, rather than just the result.
Just as before, if you want to talk to me about this ingame, use the mail system or whispers. I enjoy debating motivations with people. Heck, I just enjoy debating.
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