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Conquest is an Elyos siege based guild that focuses on end-game PvE / PvP content. We have extensive OB and CB experience, as well as dedicated experience in organized legion based progression.

We are currently recruiting dedicated players who are serious about end game, PvP / PVE and siege based content and world boss progression. We are looking for people who are interested in progression and not just showing up to farm content to get free gear. We would like all applicants to be dedicated to end game goals and general guild based achievements.

Note: All exceptional applications will be considered. We are currently looking to fill our roster with motivated players who strive to progress.

General Schedule:

8PM - 12PM GMT +10


- We require consistent attendance. Members with a poor attendance and or unwilling to strive to progress their characters will be removed.

- Ventrillo

- Webpage membership

- The serious commitment to a non alt based environment with the understanding that are guilds overall goals are end game based.

- The understanding you are being recruited for your specific class and are expected to learn and strive to progress and play at a respectable level.

- Mature attitude since you are representing the guild.

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